We’ve been in the storage business for over thirty three years and we’ve learned that building a community of renters is just as important as renting units. “It’s nice to see the same people always smiling, always in a good mood.”

We’ve learned how to build a great community of renters by offering the proper type of specials and through a great referral program. We have great customers who refer great customers to us.  “I like the security and I like the safety here I like the gate key and all these things. I like the cameras everywhere.”

When you build a better community of renters what we’ve found is its easier for us to keep our properties immaculately clean. “The people, they received shipments, they were very friendly. It was incredibly clean, for a storage area that’s quite unusual. It makes you feel secure to be able to say Hi Jan! What’s new? You need any help? And have them say the same thing to you instead of arrr!”

We’re very proud of the community of renters we have. We’ve worked very hard to maintain that community of renters. So before you choose a storage company I invite you to come down and talk with one of our self storage professionals to find out why we think who stores next to you is just as important as who you store with.

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