Storage West: Stability and Quality

We’ve been in the storage business since 1978. We’ve tried all kinds of ways of running the properties that we own and we found that how we run a property can very positively or negatively affect our community of renters. It’s taken us years and years for us to figure out how to do that. We’ve kind of matured to a point where we say – we think who stores next to you is just as important as where you choose to store.

Now what we mean by that is we think that renters that we attract through our marketing, through our referrals – we can affect that. And we’ve learned how to affect that over the years. We’re very proud of our community of renters. We’re very proud of the fact that that we have roots going back over 130 years in the West. That’s why we say it’s the best in the West. We think the West is a great place to live, its a great place to do business – and were committed to the West.

In giving you a quality product and quality service with some neighbors that I think you will enjoy storing next to. We want you to have a quality storage experience and our over 30 years in storage has taught us how to do that.

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