Storage West: First Class Service

Storage West Self Storage is a regional storage company committed to providing a quality storage experience.

What we have found over the years in trial and error, a lot was trial and error, is that when you really give your customers a high level of service then they treat your property better and they expect better of your property. They expect more of us.

We have an event once a year where we bring all of our employees together for a business conference. And at that business conference all were trying to do is make them better managers. We talk about how they can be better managers in serving our customers. We have found that the better level of service that we give our customers – the better community of renters we create.

We want you when you come on to the property, to know that the person down the way from you – you can wave at – and they will probably wave back to you. We see that all the time – but we aggressively encourage our managers to build a community. To talk about the community of renters at each of our facilities. And the more we talk about it, it has evolved to where the referrals, people when they refer to us, they say, hey Storage West has a really great community of renters. You know you can really have peace of mind when your rent with them. They really take your peace of mind seriously.

Come in and visit a Storage West facility. We think you will see a difference. We know you will see a difference.

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