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Meet the Storage West Call Center Team

You have to really personalize your service. And you have to personalize your employees. When you work for Storage West its Storage West, its the actual Storage West call center. We are an in-house call center. We are employed by Storage West. We are not outsourced at all.

I’ve been working for Storage West for almost three years now and what I really enjoy about it is that each month I get to have the some of the same interactions with the same people. I think the biggest misconception from our callers that we get in at the call center are – oh your just an answering service. We actually are employees of Storage West. Are trained on Storage West philosophies. Its a small call center so you get to actually be personal with your customers. We, they call in they get to know you – they know who you are.

A person from Pecos that I talk to every month that calls in and if I don’t actually get to speak with her someone else, another call center agent lets me know that that person has called and said – Hey tell Skylar that I said hello.

As a company we really try hard to talk to the people and find out exactly what their needs are. I always make sure to let them know that Storage West is unique because they do have you know not only us at the call center who is always going to be there for them. They also have the managers who actually, most of them live on the site so they get to know them.

I like working with people. I know I’m just an old school customer service person. They will call them if they have a problem with tenants or need extended gate hours right away. We feel the same way in the call center. Its not just up to the facility managers to build a strong community of renters. Its up to us as well. And in order for us to do that we have to be as trained as the facility managers with the way Storage Way wants to do business. Its important to us to make sure and continue to build that strong community of renters.

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