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Storage West – See Who You Are Calling

June 10, 2013
Meet the Storage West Call Center Team You have to really personalize your service. And you have to personalize your employees. When you work for Storage West its Storage West,… Read More

The Storage West Community

October 25, 2012
At Storage West we believe that who stores next to you is just as important as where you choose to store. We’re very proud of the community of renters we’ve built. We’re very… Read More

Storage West: Stability and Quality

October 25, 2012
We’ve been in the storage business since 1978. We’ve tried all kinds of ways of running the properties that we own and we found that how we run a property… Read More

Storage West: First Class Service

October 25, 2012
Storage West Self Storage is a regional storage company committed to providing a quality storage experience. What we have found over the years in trial and error, a lot was… Read More
New Renter

Storage West: First Time Renter?

October 15, 2012
Gentlemen, Good Afternoon! Hi how you doing? Hi my name is Mike. Mike nice to meet you my name is Jeff. Howard. Howard – have a seat. Hi How you… Read More

Storage West: There is a Difference!

October 15, 2012
We’ve been in the storage business for over thirty three years and we’ve learned that building a community of renters is just as important as renting units. “It’s nice to… Read More
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