Gentlemen, Good Afternoon! Hi how you doing? Hi my name is Mike. Mike nice to meet you my name is Jeff. Howard. Howard – have a seat.

Hi How you doing? I’m Frank. I’m John. John have a seat. Thanks! So how can I help you today? Well, I got tasked with the duty of having to put all of our golf displays into storage.

How can I help you guys today? Oh my brother he lives here and I’m moving in from New York. And I have a three bedroom home and its all packed and ready to go. It should be here in about three or four days and I’m looking to rent a unit.

Oh well there’s a golf course in the area so – they dumped it in my lap. OK. Never done this before, never stored saw you guys when I was driving by.

Give me some idea of what your storing? Complete bedroom set with the bed, frame, the headboard, mirror, a lot of clothes.

A lot if displays they are going to be prepackaged in – come in boxes. Sure. So we are not going to break any of that down till were ready to put it up – to much hassle. You know miscellaneous items, golf bags, things like that.

How about boxes? We’ve got about 25 – 30 boxes. Wardrobe boxes, things like that. Excellent. So they stack? They stack up nicely. Hmm saving some room there!

Do you know how long you’ll be as far as storing? Were hoping the course will open in the next three to four months. OK. Of course things happen. Sure. Construction. Absolutely could be delays. Expect delays. Alright. It could be longer. No problem. Well, of course here we don’t have any set contract tied to you for anything over a month – and were here to help you if you see that the time frame is going to be a little shorter or a little longer. You just talk with us and we will help to guide you through the process.

I think from what you told me you’ll probably get into a 10 x 20. Would you like to see? I would like to see! Thank you! Come on guys lets take a look.

Take a look? Great. OK. This ones a 10 x10 size class. Of course it has close to a 9 ft ceiling height. OK. It gives you a good opportunity of course to put some inventory in.

This is the 10 x 20 I was talking about. The way you open the door is you just slide the hasp over OK and lift the door. Now this unit as you can see it 10 feet wide and 20 feet deep. It does come with a light. Let me activate the light. The light is on a timer.

One of the things though you mentioned is that you will have different people come in and maybe pulling inventory periodically. We can go with something a little larger with a little more depth. I have options. And something more – inside it keeps the dust accumulation down to a minimum. OK So having the air cooled is the next best option. I just wanted to get a visual idea of some of the conveniences to driving up. Right. And then we’ll go right in the door and give you some ideas of how we can again get a bigger size.

You just flip the switch. So you can see you can stack as high as you need to in here. So you were saying you had the boxes, if you pack them correctly they will stack very nicely.

This is the larger 10 x 15. OK. Oh yea. This one obviously has more room. It looks like maybe you can get all your stuff in here – I don’t know.

I think this will work for us. Great! Why don’t we go ahead and take something like this. Well go ahead and go into the office. Do a rental for you. OK. We’ll start it as whatever date it is – this weekend. We can begin. OK gentlemen. So just going to have you fill out this paperwork here. Top and bottom. I need to make a copy of your driver’s license. Oh sure. No problem. Here you go. Thank you. Thank you.

Take you out to see the keypad here. OK. OK gentlemen, your going to give me a 7 digit code that your going to use as a gate code. You’re going to punch the 7 digits in and then the star sign. Not only does that let you in the gate, but the units are individually alarmed so this will disarm the alarm on the unit. OK. OK. And there it goes.

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