The Storage West Community

At Storage West we believe that who stores next to you is just as important as where you choose to store.

We’re very proud of the community of renters we’ve built. We’re very proud of our managers. And like I say. We think who stores next to you is just as important as who you choose to store with. And its not just words for us – as were committed to that. We’re always saying how can we build a better community of renters.

The first thing we realized is we’re not going to give our first month away for free or a dollar. – like a lot of storage companies, and like what we use to do. And we realized when we stopped doing that the type of renters that we attracted changed. We found a better set of renters would rent from us when we weren’t giving our first month away for free or a dollar.

The second thing we found is if we keep our properties immaculately clean, we’d established certain security standards that has people we don’t want to rent from us – nor rent from us.

The other thing is we have a very aggressive referral program – and we have what we think is some of the best renters in the industry and those renters in turn refer really great renters to us. All of our managers are active in the community. They are active in the businesses around them. They work with real estate offices, they work with moving companies. And the people we work with, and we network with, they know what type of a company we are and what type of a community of renters we have. It all works – and in the last few years we’ve really seen it come together. It’s exciting, it’s an exciting time for Storage West.

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