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Traveling for Business? Here Are Five Tips for a Smooth Trip

Whether you travel for business every once in a while or every week, you know that traveling comes with some real challenges. It seems that the entire process – from booking a flight to checking a bag – has become more difficult than it used to be. That said, there’s no reason that you can’t take steps to make the traveling process as simple as possible. Here are five tips to help ensure that your trip is a good one. Streamline Your Travel The first thing you can do is to streamline the travel process. One good way to do that is to apply for TSA Pre-Check status (or Global Entry if you travel internationally.) It takes a while to… Read More

What to Do With Your Business Assets After the Business Closes

Closing a business can be a difficult and emotional thing to do. Even if you know it’s the right choice for you, you put a great deal of time and energy into starting your business. It’s natural to have mixed emotions and be unsure how to handle certain aspects of the closing. One of the most important questions to ask is what to do with your business assets and belongings. Depending on what your business did, you may have a variety of items. You may need to keep some by law, while others you can store, donate, or sell. Here are some things that may help you through the process. Documents to Keep You need to retain many of the… Read More

Tips on Job Relocation – Video

This is a video offering tips on job relocation from The Intern Queen.  She graduated college and made the move from Florida to California. She did not have a job offer, but had some clear goals in place.  There were also many moving lessons to be learned. How to Relocate for a Job – Video Transcription Welcome back to the Intern Queen YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe by hitting the button below, right here. There it is! Uh, get your weekly Intern Queen videos by subscribing below. So today, we’re talking about how to relocate for a job. I know a lot of you have recently graduated from college, or maybe you graduated a few years back, and it’s time… Read More

Wine Storage Tips – Video

A video showing tips for wine storage. Storing wine can be a tricky business – white wine, red wine, sparkling wine – what conditions are best for each type? Find out more in this nice video. How to Store Wine: Insider Tip Video Transcription Victoria: Hello everyone, it’s Victoria for SlurpVision and today we have an insider tip on how to store wine. And first, let’s go over the three most important factors on what to consider with wine storage. The most important factor is actually temperature, and the idea is to stay cool and consistent, um, about 12 or 13 degrees Celsius or 55 Fahrenheit for the temperature. And consistent in the sense that you just don’t want it… Read More

Moving? These Tips Will Make Packing Easy

Very few people enjoy packing their belongings for a big move. It’s a lot of work and often takes longer than you think it will. That said, it’s a necessary evil. Since it has to be done, the key to success is doing it as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips to help you accomplish it with a minimum of stress. Purge First The first order of business is to purge things that you don’t want. If you miss this step, the likelihood is high that you’ll end up packing things you don’t want or use. To make it easy, try taking a pointer from organization expert Marie Kondo, inventor of the Kon-Mari system. Instead of sorting by room,… Read More

Tips on Going Paperless

Is your home or office overflowing with paper? It used to be the norm for everybody to conduct important business on paper, but that is no longer the case. Even the most important legal documents can be created (and signed) electronically. Paper is expensive to manufacture and doing so is a drain on our natural resources. The answer is finding ways to eliminate paper from your life. That might seem like a difficult thing to do, but modern technology makes it surprisingly easy. Here are some simple tips to help you do it. Dealing with the Paper You Have The first step to going paperless is to cope with the paper you already have. Sort through any papers you have… Read More

Organization and Storage Tips for Contractors

Working as a contractor is challenging. You need to be able to keep track of everything, from the people on your crew to subcontractors, and from work schedules to equipment. It’s a bit like a juggling act, requiring you to pay attention at all times. You want to do a good job for your clients and get each project done as quickly and thoroughly as possible – and to do that, you have to be organized. The average contractor has hundreds of tools and accessories to organize and store. You can’t afford to waste precious time searching for a particular drill bit or screwdriver. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you organize and store your tools.… Read More

Tips for Downsizing Your Office Space

In the modern economy, where knowledge-based jobs can be done from anywhere in the world, having a big office is no longer a necessity. Computers can fit in our laps. You can do paperwork online. You can store even the biggest customer file in the cloud instead of in a file cabinet. Renting office space is expensive, and there are many benefits to downsizing it. How to Know When It’s Time to Downsize If you are thinking about downsizing, here are some questions to ask yourself before you make the move. How much of my current office space do I actually use on a daily basis? Do I have clients coming in all the time, or are face-to-face encounters a… Read More

When a Home Business Outgrows the Home

Entrepreneurship is alive and well, and more people than ever are starting home-based businesses. That’s a good thing for the economy, and the flexibility and freedom that come with going into business for yourself can be wonderful for the people who start these businesses, too. One question that a lot of home business owners ask is this: How can I know when my business has outgrown my house? Every business is different, but here are some common signs that you might need to consider taking action: The boundaries between home time and work time have disappeared. Some people who work from home end up having a hard time switching off at the end of the day. When your home is… Read More

You Can Do Home Organization with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo has recently built quite a name for herself in the home organization and cleaning sphere. Since starting her tidying up business at the tender age of 19, she has helped many turn around their cluttered living space. The prospect of cleaning up a disheveled home can be quite daunting; many people begin their household cleaning unsure of where to even start. People often feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to organize an entire home. Luckily, Marie herself decided to take the confusion out of home organization and cleaning by developing her KonMari method. This method has rapidly become popular, with many testimonials singing praises of this method. This method began to pick up steam with the 2014… Read More

How a Storage Space Can Help You Stage for Annual Trade Shows

Trade shows are a must for entrepreneurs and business owners. They provide an opportunity to interact in person with an array of potential customers. If you plan and stage your booth properly, a single trade show appearance can lead to new sales – and increased profits. The trick, of course, is having a place to store your trade show booth and props between shows. Things like backdrops, cut-outs, and even printed materials can take up space that you need for other items. Renting a storage space from Storage West can provide the solution you need. Storage for Trade Shows Creating a professional-looking and enticing trade show booth takes time, effort, and money. Few companies can afford to buy new displays… Read More

How to Store Your Luggage, Suitcases, and Carry-on Bags

Have you ever had the experience of preparing for a trip and finding that your luggage has been damaged because it wasn’t stored properly? If so, then it’s time to learn how to store your suitcases and other bags properly so that they’re in great condition and ready to use when you need them. Because suitcases and luggage are used infrequently by most of us, it can be easy to stuff them in the back of a closet or storage space and not think about the way we store them. Here are three simple steps to help you keep your luggage in perfect condition. #1: Clean Your Bags Before Storing Them The first step is to make sure your bags… Read More

Packing your Home for Moving – Video

Packing up your house can be a stressful business as you have probably accumulated much more stuff than you ever imagined! But if you check out this video you will find out that it may be a lot less stressful than you imagined – especially if you follow the tips that they suggest to make it go smoothly. How to Pack up Your House – video transcription Woman: We have a lot of boxes in our hallway. Man: Yeah. Woman: You know what I’m really good at lately? Man: What? Woman: I’m good at packing. Man: You are? Woman: Yeah. So, Kendrick, do you want to talk packing tips? Man: Desperately. Woman: Okay, let’s go. Man: My favorite topic. Woman:… Read More

Places to Store a Car

Whether you are a car collector or travel extensively, the need to store a car sometimes arises. Read on for a look at what kinds of cars can be stored, and what the best method of storing your car is, whether it’s a classic roadster or a modern convertible. Storage Units Storage Units can be a highly efficient way to store your vehicle whether it is a motorcycle or a truck. There are storage units that are considerably large, and amply sized to fit your vehicle comfortably. Storage units help keep your vehicle safe and secure. Prices and rules vary, so it is important to check with your storage center for specific details. This is an option that works well… Read More
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