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Yardi Matrix Self Storage Report 2019 – San Diego leads the way in rates

Yardi Matrix has released its April 2019 Self Storage Report.  Data shows a small decline in development and rates Nationally.  San Diego leads the way in 10X10 units  with rates holding strong and increasing.   You can download the full report here Download

Storage West First-Time Renter’s Guide

Are you in the market for a storage space? You’ve come to the right place! At Storage West, we take customer service seriously. That’s why we’ve created this guide for first-time renters to help you have a smooth rental and move-in experience. Step #1: Find a Facility Near You The first step is to choose one of our convenient Storage West facilities. We have more than 50 locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas, so there’s bound to be one that’s close to you. You can find a location on our website by entering your zip code on our home page. Or, if you prefer, you can contact our Call Center at (877) 252-8105. Our call center is in the… Read More

3 Things That Might Surprise You About the Storage West Call Center

When people talk about customer service, it seems like their focus is on negative interactions they’ve had. That’s understandable, especially when you consider that many American companies have outsourced their call centers to overseas locations in India or the Philippines. The result is an impersonal and often unsatisfactory experience that can be deeply frustrating to customers. At Storage West, we take customer service very seriously. Here are 3 things that might surprise you about our call center. #1: Our Call Center Employees Are Hired by Storage West Our employees are part of the Storage West family, and that includes our call center. Every person who answers the phone on our behalf is hired and trained by Storage West. We don’t… Read More

10 x 20 Storage Unit: Perfect for 3 or 4 bedroom home

Whether you’re preparing for a military deployment or taking an extended trip, you might need to store some or all of your belongings in a safe and secure location while you’re away. For many people, the ideal size is our 10 X 20 storage unit. Typically, this size is ideal for between a three-bedroom and a four-bedroom home A drive-up unit in this size is ideal for storing a vehicle if you need someplace to keep your car, motorcycle, or ATV. You can simply drive your vehicle right into the unit. All of our units are air-conditioned and safe for vehicle storage. You can be sure that your car will be in good condition when you’re ready to use it again.… Read More

10 x 15 Storage Unit: Perfect for one to two bedroom storage

What should you do if you need a place to store your motorcycle or ATV – or if you have a two-bedroom home or apartment full of belongings you need to store? Our 10 X 15 drive-up unit has enough space to accommodate your needs. This  10 x 15 drive-up unit, which is ideal for a couple of ATVs, motorcycles, or approximately a two-bedroom home. Pretty much it’s a shorter unit, everything can get stacked in here within about an hour to an hour and a half. A 10 X 15-foot space offer 150 square feet of floor space plus vertical space as well – something we always remind our clients of. They’re often surprised by how many things they can… Read More

10 x 10 Storage Unit: Perfect for 2 bedroom home or Apartment

If you’re living in a small house (up to 2 bedrooms) or in a one or two-bedroom apartment, then our 10 X 10 unit will provide the space you need to store your items securely and safely. This 10 x 10 unit is ideal for either a two-bedroom house or a one-bedroom apartment. It’s short, it’s small, and there’s so much space in here that you can utilize, and we hope that this size unit is going to fit your needs.” The 10 X 10 unit is perfect for storing everything you might have in your home, including: Beds, tables, sofas, and chairs Books and important documents Home décor items like rugs and lamps Outdoor furniture Holiday decorations Cookware and… Read More

10 x 25 Storage Unit: Perfect for larger homes

Sometimes, you may have a large number of belongings to store. When that happens, you might wonder how big a storage unit you need. The solution may be our 10 X 25 unit, which offers ample storage space for most personal items. This drive-up unit is good for a four or five-bedroom household. There’s plenty of lighting throughout the day for this. The 10 X 25 unit has enough space to accommodate a four or five-bedroom household. It can hold furniture, boxes, and an assortment of other belongings including file cabinets and plastic bins. The 10 X 25 unit is a drive-up unit, which makes it a good choice if you have heavy items to store. You won’t need to worry… Read More

5 x 10 Storage Unit: Home storage solution

Ideally, every home or apartment would come with ample storage for the residents’ needs. Sadly, that’s not the case – and that’s where our 5 X 10 storage unit can come to the rescue. This unit is five feet wide by 10 feet deep. It’s large enough to hold small items of furniture, such as chairs, end tables, or even a twin-size mattress. It’s also a good size for storing foldable lawn furniture and decorations. If you’re someone who loves to decorate for every holiday, this unit can be used to store your Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Fourth of July decorations. It’s also ideal for storing seasonal clothing or sporting equipment, especially ski equipment that you’ll only be using… Read More

5 x 5 Storage Unit: Low cost home or office storage option

At Storage West, our smallest storage unit measures five feet by five feet. We sometimes refer to it as our “walk-in closet” because it’s about the same size as a closet and can be used for similar purposes. This unit is ideal for storing boxes and plastic bins that can be stacked. We always remind our clients to use their storage unit’s vertical space, too, which is why stacking is ideal for a unit this small. The key is to use sturdy containers and stack the heaviest items on the bottom What Can You Store in a 5×5? What are some of the things you can store in our 5 X 5 unit? Here are some examples: Holiday decorations, including… Read More

How a Storage Space Can Help You Stage for Annual Trade Shows

Trade shows are a must for entrepreneurs and business owners. They provide an opportunity to interact in person with an array of potential customers. If you plan and stage your booth properly, a single trade show appearance can lead to new sales – and increased profits. The trick, of course, is having a place to store your trade show booth and props between shows. Things like backdrops, cut-outs, and even printed materials can take up space that you need for other items. Renting a storage space from Storage West can provide the solution you need. Storage for Trade Shows Creating a professional-looking and enticing trade show booth takes time, effort, and money. Few companies can afford to buy new displays… Read More

How to Choose the Right Storage Space for Your Move

When you’re planning a move, you must sort through your belongings and decide whether they’ll be making the trip to your new home. And if you’re downsizing, the best option may be to rent a storage space for some of your things. The tricky thing is knowing which storage space is best for your needs. There are some key questions that can help you decide – and we’re ready to walk you through the process. How Much Are You Storing? The first question to consider is how large a space you need. If you plan on storing bulky items and furniture, you’ll need a bigger space than you would if you were storing only a few overflow boxes. You can… Read More

Prepare Your Vehicle For Long Term Storage – Video

MotorWeek presents a video with master technician Pat Goss who shares advice on how to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage.  There are many great tips in this informational video. Long-Term Storage Video Transcription No matter what the vehicle, long terms of disuse can be very damaging. So if you’re going to have anything in storage for a long period of time, proper prep can prevent damage. Change any of the fluids that are due to be changed. Always change the oil. You never want oil to sit in an engine for a period of time, oil that’s been used. And if it needs transmission or cooling system service, do that before storage. Also, if it’s going to be less… Read More

E-commerce Inventory Storage

Inventory is a major concern of any e-commerce startup. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of units of a product or just a few dozen handmade objects that you’re looking to sell as a side business. Managing your inventory and having a secure place to store it is just as important as setting up a web portal for your sales and having a detailed marketing plan to get the word out about your product. Are you a smaller startup who doesn’t have a need — or the financial resources — to invest in renting and staffing a warehouse? Are you an existing e-commerce site that has outgrown your spare room or garage? Many e-commerce companies have found success in… Read More

Businesses Win with Self-Storage

There are over 50,000 self-storage facilities in the US alone and the 2.5 billion square feet of available storage space is increasingly taken up not by families but by businesses. If that fact surprises you, ask yourself this question: Does your company use everything in your office on a daily basis? Weekly basis? If you’re like most businesses, you probably have archive files, extra office supplies, and even seasonal decorations that are stacked in some storage room — a room that costs office rental rates. Advantages of Self-Storage for Businesses There are numerous reasons for renting a self-storage unit for your company, but the one that matters most is cost. Why pay office rent of hundreds or even thousands of… Read More

Does Your Club Need a Storage Unit?

Americans are joiners. We form clubs, teams, associations, and organizations at the drop of a hat. Some of these are small, informal groups like a book club or knitting circle. Others are more organized, like a baseball team or Girl Scout troop. In most cases, organizations will have few possessions. They maybe just have a record of meeting minutes or club roster or even a trophy or award. There are, however, clubs that have records and objects that require careful storage. Figuring out when all that property requires a storage unit versus other storage options, can be confusing. Club storage doesn’t necessarily need to be settled in committee, but it doesn’t need to be planned out. Here are some questions… Read More

What to Ask When Renting a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit can be a scary proposition. You want to know that your treasures and heirlooms will be safe — along with all your off-season clothing and equipment and stuff you just don’t know what to do with. To help you feel better about renting a storage unit, make sure you get answers to the questions below. 6 Questions to Ask Yourself You’ll need to do some research of your own and decide what you need from storage. Some of these should be answered before you search for a specific facility while others will be asked once you’ve chosen a facility but before you sign the lease. What are your storage requirements? – How much space? Drive-up access?… Read More

Things You Should Never Put in a Storage Unit

If you ask a random person what they have in their storage unit, you’ll get a different answer from every one. The whole point of renting a unit from companies like Storage West is to have a place to keep your stuff — and you get to define which of your stuff belongs in storage. Well, you almost have free reign. As with any other rental property there are limitations on what you can — or should — store in your unit. Now, you will hear stories about people living in a storage unit or see news stories of fantastic things that were found in a specific unit, but that doesn’t mean you want to follow those examples. Here’s a quick list… Read More

Self Storage Size Guide

For your convenience, Storage West offers a comprehensive self storage size guide that can help you figure out what size storage space is right for you or your business. Efficient packing and storing can allow many items to be stored in a relatively small place. Listed below is a quick reference guide to help determine the amount of space needed. If you need additional help in estimating your storage needs or would like to rent a unit, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly self storage managers or one of our knowledgeable call center representatives. Size Guide 05′ x 05′ Equivalent to: 04′ x 08′ Trailer or Small Closet Will Hold: 10-15 average size boxes or Small furniture and misc. household items 05′… Read More

You Can Do Home Organization with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo has recently built quite a name for herself in the home organization and cleaning sphere. Since starting her tidying up business at the tender age of 19, she has helped many turn around their cluttered living space. The prospect of cleaning up a disheveled home can be quite daunting; many people begin their household cleaning unsure of where to even start. People often feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to organize an entire home. Luckily, Marie herself decided to take the confusion out of home organization and cleaning by developing her KonMari method. This method has rapidly become popular, with many testimonials singing praises of this method. This method began to pick up steam with the 2014… Read More

Why it’s Time to Declutter Your Home (and Mind)

Everybody is familiar with the proverbial war between clean and messy roommates. One mindlessly drops their trash and belongings throughout the home, creating a cluttered environment, while the organized one grows to resent their roommate’s less-than-stellar habits. This dilemma is a common one, but is it possible that the organized roommates could be onto something? A clear and organized home gives one a clear and organized mind. Some experts state that coming home to a cluttered living space can release the stress hormone cortisol. Seeing various items scattered throughout the home can overwhelm the mind, with many psychologists stating that outside environment is a major factor in overall mental well-being.  Through anecdotal evidence, many understand how a messy home brings… Read More

Sprouts to Open New Store in Lake Forest

Lake Forest residents in the market for high-quality groceries at affordable prices are in for a treat. Sprouts, the rapidly-growing organic grocery chain, has announced that it will open a new store in Lake Forest in the second half of 2019, bringing new jobs with it. About Sprouts Sprouts Farmers Market is a grocery store with the sensibility of a farmers’ market. The first Sprouts store was opened in Phoenix, Arizona in 2002, and their corporate headquarters are in the same city. According to their most recent information, Sprouts: Operates more than 300 stores in 19 states Employs more than 30,000 people Sells over 20,000 products, 90% of which are natural or organic The company also prides itself on participating… Read More

How to Prepare to Buy Your First Home

Buying your first home is a big step. For most people, it’s by far the largest purchase they’ve ever made.  If you’re preparing to buy your first home, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to get ready. Even if you’re already saving money, there are things you can do to save more and get the best deal possible when the time comes.  Pay Off Debt  One of the best things you can do when you’re preparing to buy your first home is to pay off your existing debt. You might not be able to pay off everything. For example, if you’ve got a student loan balance, it might not be possible to pay the whole thing.  That said,… Read More

6 Online Resources to Help with Your Move

Moving from one city to another takes time and effort. You’ve got to pack your belongings, hire movers, stop and start utilities – it seems like the list never ends.  But one of the most difficult things about moving to a new city is deciding where in that city to live. When you’re unfamiliar with neighborhoods and suburbs, any decision you make can feel like a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  We’re here to help. At Storage West, we know that having the right resources before a move is essential. Here are 6 online resources that can help you decide where to live.  #1: Housing Price Index  Our first resource comes from The Economist. They have an online, interactive housing price… Read More

How to Save Money While Moving

Moving is expensive. In addition to the cost of buying a new home or renting a new apartment, you must also pay movers or rent a truck and spend hours of valuable time packing and unpacking your belongings. It’s a lot, which is why we’ve put together this list of things you can do to save money while you’re moving. #1: Get Free Packing Materials Not everybody has access to a car, but if you do, you can get free packing materials in many different places. For example, you could stop by your local supermarket or liquor store to get empty boxes. Most retail stores get tons of boxes delivered every day. Another option is to check sites like Freecycle… Read More

Lime is Pulling Their Electric Scooters out of Tempe

Traveling by electric scooter is something that makes a lot of sense for people who live in warm climates. It cuts down on traffic and carbon emissions. It’s both convenient and affordable. Electric scooter company Lime has been operating in Tempe for several months. During that time, they’ve been in negotiations with the city to arrive at reasonable standards and charges for their operations. They recently announced their decision to move out of Tempe. Electric Scooters in Tempe Lime has been in operation in Tempe for several months. In that time, their services have become quite popular. In their letter to the City, the company noted: Over 80,000 people in Tempe, including residents, students, and visitors, have ridden Lime scooters.… Read More

New Shopping Center Set to Open in Scripps Ranch in 2020

The near year is underway, and in the first quarter of 2019, residents of Scripps Ranch can expect a groundbreaking ceremony for a new retail center that’s set to open in the fall of 2020. The Watermark shopping center will be located at the southeast corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Scripps Highland Drive. Sudberry Properties is the developer, and the plan is to include a variety of retail and dining options with other amenities. About Watermark While construction has not yet begun on Watermark, the developer has already released information about some of the tenants. As of now, the plan is for the shopping center to include a Whole Foods Market, a variety of restaurants and retail stores, and… Read More

Lake Forest Takes Part in Storm Water Damage Initiative

The song says that it never rains in Southern California, but it pours. The truth is that it doesn’t pour very often. Southern California is in a nearly-constant state of water emergency, and that’s something that’s led to the launching of a new initiative designed to help conserve Orange County’s limited water supply. Lake Forest is one of the municipalities taking part. What is the H2OC Initiative? The H2OC Initiative is designed to make better use of Orange County’s water supply by minimizing the contamination and waste of run-off water. The initiative encourages residents and businesses to capture rain water, so it can be repurposed. Here are a few examples of ways that people can participate:   Install one or… Read More

A Year Later, Houston Residents Reflect on Hurricane Harvey

At the end of August in 2017, Hurricane Harvey tore through Houston. In its wake, it left catastrophic flooding in the city and the surrounding areas. All told, it caused $125 billion in damage, tying it with Hurricane Katrina as the most expensive storm in United States history, and ended the lives of 107 people, 106 of whom were American. It’s been just over a year, and many of Houston’s residents are still recuperating from what they experienced as Harvey passed through. Cinco Ranch Remembers The residents of Cinco Ranch, a community in Katy, Texas, experienced exceptionally heavy flooding during Hurricane Harvey as a result of the release of Barker Reservoir. Many were forced to evacuate their homes and leave… Read More

Disneyland’s New Eatery Will Bring Asian Fusion Cuisine (and Tiki Torches) to Adventureland

Disneyland first opened in Anaheim in 1955, and one of the things that keeps the experience of visiting the park fresh is that it is always changing. A case in point is Disneyland’s Tropical Hideaway eatery, which will offer an assortment of Asian fusion cuisine to the park’s visitors. The Tropical Hideaway Menu The Tropical Hideaway menu might be best described as pan-Asian because it draws inspiration from many countries in Asia. Here are a few examples of what you can expect to find on the menu when the new restaurant opens in late 2018. Bao buns are popular in China and Malaysia. They’re soft steamed buns traditionally filled with a pork mixture, but they can be filled with any… Read More

Tempe is One of the Top Affordable College Towns for 2018

For today’s students, coming up with enough money to attend college (and avoid graduating with a mountain of debt) is a significant challenge. Choosing a school in an affordable location is essential, particularly if a student wants the option of living off-campus. recently released their list of the top 25 most affordable college towns in 2018, and Tempe makes the list in the number 10 spot. That’s good news for Tempe’s colleges and universities as well as for local landlords and business owners. The Rising Price of College Tuition How expensive is college in 2018? A CNBC report from 2017 revealed that the cost of attending college has outstripped the housing market and other expenses. Let’s start with private… Read More
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