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How to Choose the Right Storage Space for Your Move

When you’re planning a move, you must sort through your belongings and decide whether they’ll be making the trip to your new home. And if you’re downsizing, the best option may be to rent a storage space for some of your things. The tricky thing is knowing which storage space is best for your needs. There are some key questions that can help you decide – and we’re ready to walk you through the process. How Much Are You Storing? The first question to consider is how large a space you need. If you plan on storing bulky items and furniture, you’ll need a bigger space than you would if you were storing only a few overflow boxes. You can… Read More

Preparing a Washer & Dryer for Moving – Video

How do you prepare your existing washer and dryer for moving to a new home? You may have just bought the system and want to take it with you. This video shows how to remove the hoses, cords, and vent pipe from your washer and dryer. Please note that often delivery firms require this preparation prior to pickup of your appliances. Removing the Old Washer and Dryer – Video Transcription My name is Gary, and recently, we bought a new washer and dryer, and before the delivery guys will pick up the old washer and dryer, I need to prepare them for the pick-up by removing the washer hoses, drain pipe, the dryer power cord, and the dryer vent pipe.… Read More

Prepare Your Vehicle For Long Term Storage – Video

MotorWeek presents a video with master technician Pat Goss who shares advice on how to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage.  There are many great tips in this informational video. Long-Term Storage Video Transcription No matter what the vehicle, long terms of disuse can be very damaging. So if you’re going to have anything in storage for a long period of time, proper prep can prevent damage. Change any of the fluids that are due to be changed. Always change the oil. You never want oil to sit in an engine for a period of time, oil that’s been used. And if it needs transmission or cooling system service, do that before storage. Also, if it’s going to be less… Read More

Dorm Cleaning Tips – Video

Learn from the best in this cleaning and organizing video: airmen at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base demonstrate dorm cleaning tips and show how to prepare your room up to Air Force inspection standards. Lots of great information for university and college students of all types. Basic Dorm Cleaning Tips – Video Transcription In this segment, we will show you some basic cleaning techniques that will help transform your room from this… to this. When cleaning your room, it’s always best to start with a checklist so you don’t miss anything. Check with your airman dorm leader or ADL because they may already have one created for you. Our checklist will look something like this. For windows, use your glass cleaner… Read More

Outgrowing the Garage – eBay Business Video

This nice video is about a home based eBay business. They started off small and are to the point where they have outgrown the home garage. The video shows two childhood friends who start a small tech business together. They sell directly from their garage in Huntington Beach, California and now they need to find more space. Entrepreneurs at eBay: Outgrowing the Garage – Video Transcription Alan: My name is Alan Tran, and I run a business with Justin Zito, who also happens to be my best friend. We have a business called FluxMob located in Huntington Beach, California. Alan: What a nice day. Justin: Yeah, awesome day. Alan: Living in a beach city pushed us to create innovative products… Read More

How to Prepare to Rent Your House

Real estate investments are one of the best ways to earn money. Whether you seek out and buy a rental property or decide to rent out your home, you can collect rent and with any luck, make a nice profit with minimal effort on your part. If you want to rent out your home, you must first prepare your home to show to potential tenants, and then take care of some specific measures to protect yourself legally and financially. Here are the steps to follow. Cleaning and Repairs The very first thing you must do if you want to rent your home is to give it a thorough cleaning and repair anything that’s broken. That means cleaning windows, floors, walls,… Read More

Moving Soon? Get Your Insurance in Order

Are you getting ready to move? Whether you are moving from one house to another or upgrading from an apartment to a house, you need to make sure that you have your ducks in a row when it comes to insurance. Any move requires you to take steps to protect yourself and your possessions while they are in transit. Here are some pointers to help you make sure that you have the insurance you need. Homeowner’s and Renter’s Insurance The first thing you should do is pull out your homeowner’s or renter’s policy and see if there is a provision in there to cover your belongings when they are in transit between locations. Some policies do provide coverage for moving,… Read More

E-commerce Inventory Storage

Inventory is a major concern of any e-commerce startup. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of units of a product or just a few dozen handmade objects that you’re looking to sell as a side business. Managing your inventory and having a secure place to store it is just as important as setting up a web portal for your sales and having a detailed marketing plan to get the word out about your product. Are you a smaller startup who doesn’t have a need — or the financial resources — to invest in renting and staffing a warehouse? Are you an existing e-commerce site that has outgrown your spare room or garage? Many e-commerce companies have found success in… Read More

Businesses Win with Self-Storage

There are over 50,000 self-storage facilities in the US alone and the 2.5 billion square feet of available storage space is increasingly taken up not by families but by businesses. If that fact surprises you, ask yourself this question: Does your company use everything in your office on a daily basis? Weekly basis? If you’re like most businesses, you probably have archive files, extra office supplies, and even seasonal decorations that are stacked in some storage room — a room that costs office rental rates. Advantages of Self-Storage for Businesses There are numerous reasons for renting a self-storage unit for your company, but the one that matters most is cost. Why pay office rent of hundreds or even thousands of… Read More

Does Your Club Need a Storage Unit?

Americans are joiners. We form clubs, teams, associations, and organizations at the drop of a hat. Some of these are small, informal groups like a book club or knitting circle. Others are more organized, like a baseball team or Girl Scout troop. In most cases, organizations will have few possessions. They maybe just have a record of meeting minutes or club roster or even a trophy or award. There are, however, clubs that have records and objects that require careful storage. Figuring out when all that property requires a storage unit versus other storage options, can be confusing. Club storage doesn’t necessarily need to be settled in committee, but it doesn’t need to be planned out. Here are some questions… Read More

What to Ask When Renting a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit can be a scary proposition. You want to know that your treasures and heirlooms will be safe — along with all your off-season clothing and equipment and stuff you just don’t know what to do with. To help you feel better about renting a storage unit, make sure you get answers to the questions below. 6 Questions to Ask Yourself You’ll need to do some research of your own and decide what you need from storage. Some of these should be answered before you search for a specific facility while others will be asked once you’ve chosen a facility but before you sign the lease. What are your storage requirements? – How much space? Drive-up access?… Read More

Things You Should Never Put in a Storage Unit

If you ask a random person what they have in their storage unit, you’ll get a different answer from every one. The whole point of renting a unit from companies like Storage West is to have a place to keep your stuff — and you get to define which of your stuff belongs in storage. Well, you almost have free reign. As with any other rental property there are limitations on what you can — or should — store in your unit. Now, you will hear stories about people living in a storage unit or see news stories of fantastic things that were found in a specific unit, but that doesn’t mean you want to follow those examples. Here’s a quick list… Read More

Preparing Your Appliances for a Safe Move

Moving can truly be a grueling experience. First there is the preparation: securing a moving van, ensuring your new home is ready, transferring the utilities; then there is the hectic process of packing. Smaller items can easily be boxed up and transported. When it comes to moving appliances, a bit more preparation is necessary to ensure a safe and effective move. There are plenty of ways to make this chore easier on yourself and your moving crew. Read on for tips to ensure the safety and quality of your devices during a move. Servicing Many appliances require some servicing prior to moving. For example, refrigerators need to have the cold water line disconnected and have the ice maker water reservoir… Read More

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

Our McCormick Ranch self storage facility is just a short drive away from the new Spring Training home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies. The Salt River Fields at Talking Stick were scheduled to be finished Spring 2011. They have an 11,000-seat capacity ballpark, 12 practice fields, and office buildings including Major and Minor League clubhouses. They also have training facilities, and offices for each team. Talking Stick Resort Also “down the street” from us is Talking Stick Resort. Here’s some information about Scottsdale’s newest luxury hotel and resort: Talking Stick Resort features 497 luxurious deluxe guest rooms and suites. They also have a state-of-the-art spa, multiple fine dining and casual restaurants and bars. On top of that they have more than… Read More

Self Storage Size Guide

For your convenience, Storage West offers a comprehensive self storage size guide that can help you figure out what size storage space is right for you or your business. Efficient packing and storing can allow many items to be stored in a relatively small place. Listed below is a quick reference guide to help determine the amount of space needed. If you need additional help in estimating your storage needs or would like to rent a unit, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly self storage managers or one of our knowledgeable call center representatives. Size Guide 05′ x 05′ Equivalent to: 04′ x 08′ Trailer or Small Closet Will Hold: 10-15 average size boxes or Small furniture and misc. household items 05′… Read More
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