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Surprise Fire Department to Offer Free Disaster Relief Training

When a disaster occurs, it’s essential for communities to pull together. When citizens have the proper training to assist first responders, it can help save lives. Saving lives is a priority for the Surprise Fire Department, which is why they plan to offer free disaster relief training to Surprise residents who are interested in helping the community in the event of a major storm or other disaster. About the CERT Program The disaster relief training in Surprise is part of the Community Emergency Response Team Program, which is called CERT for short. CERT was founded in 1993 as a way of fostering preparedness in communities across the United States. The program’s roots are in Los Angeles, where city officials decided… Read More

Put Up Your Christmas Decorations Safely

Putting up Christmas decorations is fun for the whole family – except when it’s not. We’ve all heard stories about someone falling off the roof, tripping on a tangle of Christmas lights, or having a holiday decorating disaster that ended with a trip to the doctor. This year, it’s time to skip the injuries and make holiday decorating a safe activity – both before and after you hang the decorations. Here are some tips to help you do that. Check Your Lights Before you put your lights on the tree or your home, make sure to check them for frayed wires, burned out bulbs, and broken sockets. Any damaged lights should be discarded and replaced. Using them can lead to… Read More

Coping with Eviction: Tips for Getting Through a Difficult Time

Apartment and home rentals are very common, but they can also be expensive. If you run into financial difficulties, whether it’s because you lost a job or had unexpected medical bills, you might find yourself facing the prospect of eviction. Coping with eviction presents some real challenges, both emotionally and physically. It’s important to know your rights as a tenant and also, to have the local resources and coping mechanisms to get through a difficult time. Your Rights as a Tenant As a tenant, you have rights. If you’re worried about eviction, you’ll need to know what those rights are. Since Storage West has locations in both Arizona and California, we’ll cover the laws in both states. In Arizona, landlords may… Read More

Living With An Elderly Relative – Video

Here is a video with some tips to help you when an elderly relative comes to live with you in your home: How to Care for Elderly in Your Own Home: Senior Care (Video Transcription) Hi, I’m Valerie Sveningson with Comfort Care Senior Services, and I’m here to show you about how to care for the elderly in your own home. First thing you need to do is make sure that you’re able to assess that person’s needs and their level of independence. One of the things you want to do is allow them to be as independent as possible, so my suggestion would be to go to a doctor’s appointment with them, and during that doctor’s appointment, write down… Read More

Storing Documents Properly

Documents come in many forms and all of them require special consideration when it comes to storage. If you are going to place important papers, certificates, photographs, etc., don’t just toss them into a box and put them in a corner. Storing documents properly takes a bit more finesse. There are several factors to take into account when storing documents: Temperature Light Moisture Pollution Pests Security Organization If you do not protect your documents against temperature, light, moisture, pollution, and pests, you may not have documents to retrieve. All have the ability to decay, fade, mildew, or destroy important papers. Temperature controlled, dry, dark storage is best and make sure that there is adequate pest control in place. Most documents… Read More

Self storage can have its advantages for exhibitors

When a company finishes the plan for their tradeshow booth, one would think all the heavy lifting is done. But in actuality, that’s when the heavy lifting begins for some exhibitors. Do you have a Tradeshow Booth? Shipping, transportation and storage are part of the costs for many exhibitors who have a tradeshow booth. Storage West Self-Storage caters to tradeshow personnel. We understand the unique needs a tradeshow staffer has to meet throughout their calendar year. Storage West is a regional storage facility located in four states: Nevada, California, Arizona and Texas. One of the features advantageous to exhibitors is shipping and receiving support services. A storage facility can accept and place into storage various types of assets, literature, equipment,… Read More
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