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Here for You Guarantee Benefits + Work from Home = Success

Property Damage Coverage

If you are storing at Storage West because you are working from home, you deserve some extra peace of mind. Choose the Here for You Guarantee and enjoy up to $3,000 in reimbursement if something untoward should happen to your belongings.

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Scan and Fax

You can use fax or scan for free, saving you money on these important services that you may not have at home.

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More Benefits from Our Free moving Truck

When you utilize Storage West, you’ll have access to a free moving truck. In fact, we’ll give you priority. We know your job may be depending on this transition. Since you can have the truck for up to seven hours, you can take your time and put everything into storage that is in your way.

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Better Boxes for Less

With the Here for You Guarantee, packing up your spare room is easier. The HFYG includes our box trio for free, and you can enjoy up to 50 percent off boxes and supplies.

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Rent Online

Renting your storage unit online is another benefit of the Here for You Guarantee. You can do your rental paperwork in advance and save time.

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Business P.A.S.S.

The Business P.A.S.S. makes it easy for you to ship packages directly to us. We’ll accept deliveries on your behalf and place them in your storage unit, saving you time and money. Running a business can be stressful – let us give you a hand.

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Strategies for Finding the Right Space for Your Home Office

What can you do to make your life easier? If you, and perhaps the kids, are going to be home, you need more space. Sometimes it’s obvious. There’s a clear place to set up your work station. However, you will be there about eight hours a day every day. So you shouldn’t settle for less than a comfortable spot with plenty of elbow room. You should think about the things at work that make it more pleasant to be there. This includes quiet time apart from family distractions. You should also consider the things that aren’t pleasant about working in an office. This may include artificial light, lack of windows, and crowded conditions. Now’s your chance to have a space that is all yours. Since you are starting from scratch, you can shape it to fit your needs.

If you don’t have an obvious spare room, you may be having trouble deciding where to put your office. So a home decorator, who is a friend of ours, laid out these suggestions for us. We hope this helps you make a decision on where to put your office. One thing’s for sure, you shouldn’t throw out good furniture and important belongings. You can pack up the extra and store it with us until your situation changes.

working in the guest room

Guest Room

You can clean out the guest room and store the bed, dresser, and other furniture until it’s needed again. This gives you a clear space to create your office. Research shows that pleasant surroundings make work easier and less stressful. Plus, you’ll have a nice backdrop for face-to-face phone calls and meetings. It should have at least one window. That’s where you want to face your desk and enjoy some natural light and, hopefully, a good view.

working at the dining room table

Dining Room

Perhaps you have two areas where the family eats. Do you really need both? Often one of those spaces is the perfect room or nook to establish a home office. You can pack up what you don’t need and put it into storage. Eventually, your job may change, and you can reestablish that room as the dining room again. Until then, you’ll have a clean, clear space where you can stage your office furniture and enjoy the experience of working from home.

working from the couch

Living Room

Maybe you don’t want to give up your living room or your den, but you have two areas for relaxation. Do you really need them both right now? It would be simpler and easier for your work life if you designate a clear space for your office. Perhaps make an agreement with family members that they can have one room while you take over the other. You may find yourself rearranging furniture in other parts of the house to accommodate the change. However, you don’t want to make every room too crowded. That’s when you decide to put a certain amount of furniture and belongings into a storage unit. If it is out of the way, you’ll have a clear head for the business of day.

computer equipment set up on counterspace

No Room to Spare

If you feel like you have no room to spare, but you want to establish office space, you should act like a museum director and curate your collection. This doesn’t mean throwing everything out, by any means. We all have important furniture, art, and memorabilia that is important to us. However, like a museum, it doesn’t all have to be on display every day. To find room, consider which furniture, books, pictures and objects are not needed for your current living situation. Once you have determined how much you need to put away, you’ll have figured out a space for your office needs. Then your curated collection of furniture and belongings can go into storage until you need them again.

storage facility

Product Storage

Maybe your problem goes beyond finding office space. Maybe your work-from-home dilemma includes products, filing cabinets or other items that are seldom used and often in the way. You can put them all in a Storage West unit, and you will have access whenever you need them. It’s a great way to maintain your inventory in an air-cooled unit, out of the reach of kids, pets or pests. You can also choose the Storage West Business P.A.S.S. to complement the Here For You Guarantee. With that, shipping services such as UPS and FedEx can deliver to your storage unit without requiring your presence.

Benefits subject to limitations – refer to your Here for You Guarantee Lease and see your Storage West facility manager for details. Storage West may substitute, change or withdraw benefits at any time, and, except as set forth in your Lease, disclaims all express and implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose

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