It is easy to find yourself dreaming of a more minimalistic lifestyle. There are so many new gadgets available to us today. And, we have much busier schedules than we used to. It can get overwhelming when you sit down and really think about all you’ve got going on. I am here to tell you that less can be more.

Achieving a Minimal Lifestyle

When it comes to materialistic items the goal is to get rid of literally everything. OK not everything, but if it is not something you have used in the past several months consider doing away with it. Invest in quality items that will last and do not need to frequently be replaced. In this day and age there are many household items that you can purchase that have multi-function uses. If you invest in a Smart TV for example that eliminates the need for any of your standard movie playing devices and you can stream video via the internet and apps you may be using already anyway.

It might take more effort in the short term, but doing away with disposable household items and going with reusable alternatives not only saves storage space, but is also better for the environment. Once you get used to just washing the items over it will become second nature and you will forget you ever used to keep those paper items around. This means using glass dishware like Pyrex instead of disposable Ziploc bags when possible.

Computer Technology is your friend and it is no longer necessary to keep paper files around. You can invest in a desk scanner and scan items in to your computer. Make sure you back up your files frequently to protect against loss. Investing in an external hard drive, flash drive, or in an online cloud storage service will give you as much storage space as is necessary depending on the extent of your files.

When you think of minimalism in regards to your work life, family, and friends it can be hard to picture the perfect balance at times. When it comes to scheduling obligations that might seem to clutter your life just remember that you don’t have to be everywhere at one time. Taking a more minimalistic approach to life has room for interpretation and will mean something a little different to everyone. The important thing is to set personal goals and stick to them.

-Christina Todd

Storage West Associate Manager

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