If you are anything like me, my dogs are just like my children. So, I have had to come up with some simple ways that won’t break the bank to keep all of their supplies organized. It helps to be able to keep up with what they have, what we might need soon, and have things handy when you need them. Organizing pet supplies doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out these tips from our Associate Manager Christina!

Size Matters

Christina's tan dog Riker holding a blue dog toy

My puppies are large dogs. So, with large dogs come large items. From their harnesses to their dog food bags, everything is big and before I developed a system to organize their things it felt like they had stuff literally everywhere. Some of the simplest things can really go a long way when it comes to organizing anything and it’s no different with your pet’s items.

Treat Storage

I have always had a cabinet in my kitchen just for dog treats and medications. A lot of times it looked like a jungle in there. I invested in some food storage containers, specifically cereal storage containers, and now the treats are neatly organized with an added benefit. A lot of times the packaging treats come in are not the greatest thing to store them in. So now their treats are fresher, and when I get motivated to make some homemade ones I already have a dedicated container to keep them!

Toys, Toys, Toys

My dogs absolutely love to keep toys lying around. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to go get a glass of water and stepping on a hard chew. While it might not completely solve this problem it has helped tremendously to use a basket just for their toys that I keep in a corner of my living room. I had a cloth basket that I decided to dedicate to this because it doesn’t tear easy and cleaning it is a breeze. You’ll want something small enough for your dog to be able to pull toys out of themselves.

Wanna Go for a Walk?

For their leashes and harnesses, we keep them on a coat hanger in the utility room. This keeps it out of the way and right by the backdoor ready for our next adventure! They are neatly hung up and inaccessible by the dogs.

The Food

Last, but not least is their actual food. I use a container I purchased in the pet section. They make them in all sizes. I keep mine right by my backdoor in my garage to save room in my home, but if you have smaller puppies than I do that might not be necessary. These containers have lids to keep the dog food fresh and keep critters out. So, if you are like me and need to store it outside then they are perfect!

The idea is to keep things practical and handy for when you need them. You also want to keep it simple so that when you use something it is handy to put it right back where it came from.

-Christina Todd
Associate Manager – Storage West

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