Storage West is a company that truly believes in the people that work here. We really do mean that. Our team and the performance that they deliver are responsible for the unique and successful company that is Storage West. We would not be where we are without them. For all of these reasons, we think it is very importnat to honor their hard work with awards like our Arizona and Texas Associate Manager of the Year Award.

So, each year we hold an Employee Appreciation and Recognition Event to honor our all of our employees. We present awards at this event to recognize the performance of our top employees and to show our appreciation for their efforts. We also take some time to party and have a good time!

One of the awards we present is the Associate Manager of the Year Award. We present this award to just one Associate Manager in each district- Arizona/Texas, Orange County, San Diego, and Nevada. It is a very exclusive honor.

Associate Manager of the Year

The Associate Manager of the Year is a person united with their colleagues to provide excellent cooperation and assistance. Also, this person demonstrates flexibility and a high degree of professionalism. Our Associate Manager of the Year provides the highest level of customer service and personifies the Storage West Identity Statement of being Here for You. They are seriously hard workers who we can count on.

This year we presented our Arizona/ Texas Associate Manager of the Year Award to Latasha who works in Texas!
Congratulations Latasha and thanks so much for all of your hard work! We are so glad you are part of our Storage West team!

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