So you’ve just rented a unit at a Storage West location, and you signed up for the DOT truck. Maybe you’ve never driven a box truck like this before. Now what? Check out some of our tips for beginners!

First and foremost, before renting one of our moving DOT trucks it’s important to make sure there is enough gas in the vehicle. Due to the fact that we specifically ask that you do not put gas in the truck, it is also our responsibility to make sure you are set out for your move with enough gas to get you through the day. Always ask the Facility Manager to let you know how much gas is in the truck before taking off in it.Storage West DOT Truck

Another thing you want to make sure you are doing is walking around the truck and checking for dents and scratches, and making sure they are notated on your agreement. Also make sure that the lights, brakes and the tires are in good condition. Don’t forget to check the windshield for cracks or chips. All these things need to be notated on your agreement as a protection for you and for Storage West before you sign it.

Here is another very important part of driving one of our trucks or any moving truck for that matter. Please be aware of the height/clearance of your truck before entering anywhere. Typically places like the bank, drive thru and covered parking areas are not advised to go through. To avoid hitting curbs make a wide enough turn that you avoid hitting anything on the side. Always check your mirrors.

Please keep in mind that the stopping distance is proportional to the size and weight of the vehicle. That includes whether it’s loaded or unloaded. So in conclusion, make sure that you have plenty of space to stop the truck safely. A loaded truck is going to take longer to stop then your regular car would.

When using the Storage West DOT truck, be aware that there is no towing available. We do not allow you to tow anything else behind the DOT truck.

When you have completed your move into the unit and are ready to check the truck in, please make sure you have cleaned everything out of the back and all trash from inside the cab. The Facility Manager will come out and do a complete walk through with you to check out the truck and gas mileage.

Remember all the same traffic laws apply when driving one of our moving trucks, so please abide by them and drive safe!

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