Everyone knows why someone would rent a storage space right? There are only a few reasons, right? That is what you think! Here are just 16 reasons that people store. Bet you haven’t thought of all of them yet!

16 Reasons to Get a Storage Unit

Here is one you might not have thought of. When you buy cookies at the grocery store, where do you think they came from? There is a good chance they came from a self-storage facility. Yes a storage facility just like Storage West. The 18 wheeler rolls in to the self-storage. There, they drop off enough cookies for the 50 some stores on that distributor’s routes. Then a distributor spends the week getting the cookies onto the shelf at your local grocery store.


Or maybe Grandma passed away. You need to sell the house quickly but the realtor says you have to empty the house first. What do you do with all the stuff? You’ll need time to figure out what to keep, sell, donate vs give to cousin Jane. You need time to dig through things. There is a lot of chaos, a lot of emotions and a lot of exhaustion at this moment. Put it all in storage and deal with it next month. You can always downsize to a smaller unit as you work through the stuff.

When you were at the doctor’s, the doctor gave you a free sample of that new medication. That drug might have come from a climate controlled self-storage facility. UPS/Fedex and similar carriers deliver pharmaceutical samples straight to the self-storage unit and then the pharmaceutical representatives deliver it to the local doctor offices.

Maybe you bought a new RV or Boat but the HOA says you can’t store it at home! That new toy must stay at the Self-Storage.

Your house sold faster than expected but your new house isn’t ready for two more months! Sure, you can live with Aunt Susan for two months, but where do you put all your stuff? Call your local self-storage. Most self-storage rentals are just month to month – so no commitment!

When the local hospital or assisted living facility suddenly comes up with an additional bed, chair or other device did you imagine a big room full of random stuff somewhere on site? They probably had an employee drive to the local self-storage to pick up that bed, chair, replacement door or other part.

Congratulations, your new baby is arriving soon but the soon-to-be nursery is still the guest room / junk room. You need a bigger house but now may not the time to be buying a new home. This is the perfect time to put all the extra stuff into self-storage, convert the junk room to the nursery and then look for the new, bigger home in a few months.

The garage has a lot of stuff in it but it might be a great space to hang out if you had a bit more space in the garage. Put the excess garage items into storage and get that perfect set up. After all, you need some personal space for lifting weights and doing all that fun stuff with 17 Storage West locations here in the valley there is bound to be a location near you!

You bought a new car but only have a two car garage? You can’t put the car in the driveway – so pamper your “fun” car by renting a partially air cooled self-storage space at Storage West Self Storage in Surprise.

Or maybe you are an Avon, Partylite, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Tupperware or Relive distributor but your home looks like a warehouse! Rent a self-storage and have your shipments delivered directly to your self-storage while you focus on doing something else, like selling! You don’t have to be home for deliveries and your house looks like a home again!

You moved into the smaller home but didn’t anticipate the smaller closets, now what will you do with all the holiday decorations? Self-storage is the answer again.

It’s Christmas and your kids are at the age that they will prowl about to figure out their gifts. Rent a storage space for one month and tell the kids they better behave or else! Watch them sweat while they sneak about the house looking for gifts and find nothing!

Your college kid is coming home for the summer? Have them leave their stuff at a self-storage near the campus and save the hassle of hauling it all home and stuffing it into the garage for the summer.

You just moved Mom or Dad into an assisted living facility but they don’t want to part with their stuff or emotionally they aren’t ready to part with their things – put all the stuff they can’t part with into self-storage.

Are you thinking of the upcoming remodeling project at the house? Whether it is new flooring, new cabinets or maybe a project even bigger, it makes sense to get your personal property out of the house so it doesn’t get dirty, damaged or stolen. Plus, it makes it faster and easier for your contractor to get the job done quickly! Storage West uses only discus or cylinder locks on the units, enhancing your security!

You have a small business, with a small retail foot print but too much inventory near the holidays – again, self-storage is the answer.

Whether you need it for a month, two months or “I don’t know how long” – self-storage is there for you. Visit Storage West, your manager will help you determine how much space you need, whether air conditioning is suggested, whether you want the convenience of drive up access or the protection from the elements offered by indoor units and so many more variations. Oh, your stuff is arriving on a pallet? That is okay, we can handle that too!

Storage West where our mangers are “Here For You”! Call with your storage questions – we’re waiting for you!

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