True or False?

Storage West is so confident that we will provide you a high quality storage experience, we came up with a “Guarantee” that pays you, if something goes wrong!

True! Where you choose to store your stuff is super important! You can’t control what happens in the unit next to yours. If your storage neighbor breaks the rules you run the risk of hauling bed bugs, roaches or worse home with you, when you are done storing!

What if the storage has mice? What if the storage isn’t secure and your stuff is stolen? What if the buildings aren’t solid and your stuff is damaged during storms instead of protected from the elements? What if a monsoon takes the roof off of the storage building? What if a car drives through the building? Don’t laugh, our Managers Jennifer and Jerry have been in the storage industry a long time and they’ve seen a thing or two… including a car drive through a storage. It wasn’t pretty.

These are all very real concerns and things we do our very best to prevent. In the event that we just can’t stop something from happening though, Storage West offers our “Here For You Guarantee.” The “Here For You Guarantee” changes storage from the “ordinary storage place” to an exceptional Self-storage facility. One of the many features in our “Here For You Guarantee” is Storage West will pay you for the value of your damaged or stolen property, up to $3000. No complicated insurance company to deal with either, you deal directly with Storage West.

This is how confident we are here, at Storage West that you are about to have a great storage experience.

Call your manager, get the details, and enjoy one of the many benefits or our “Here For You Guarantee.

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