True or False:

At Storage West, we skip the elevators and “lift” your car, truck or trailer to the second floor directly.

True! It sounds pretty magical eh? Storage West “gambled” with this design at multiple Las Vegas locations and quickly learned the customers had hit the “Jackpot” on being “lifted” instead of using elevators, because they were now able to skip the hassle of the “loading dock experience”.

The Problem

You’ve probably seen “the loading dock experience” before; you might have even experienced it, if you have used storage previously. You arrive and find multiple cars, trucks and trailers parked two vehicles deep near the entrance to the building. Everyone crowds around the big garage door that lets you enter the lobby of the storage. Then the battle is on, to see who gets to use the elevator or flatbed carts first. Once you claim your space on the elevator, you travel to your desired floor. Then, you have to start the long walk down the hallway.

Here at Storage West Surprise, we know that you don’t want to deal with a loading dock area that is crowded with other families and businesses loading/unloading their vehicles, waiting for their turn on the elevator and then facing the walk down the long hallway. We can just hear the little voice in the back of your mind say, “I’m also leaving my pickup truck that is now still partially loaded with my stuff and going on a journey to the 3rd floor with no one to “watch” my stuff”. You want to go directly to the storage unit to “pick up” or “drop off” what you need and get on with your day! You want this to be fast and preferably painless!

At Storage West Surprise, we also realize that sometimes when you visit the storage area, you might have an elderly parent traveling with you and you’re not comfortable being on the 3rd floor while your loved one is in the vehicle on the 1st floor. That feeling of being “trapped” on the higher floor because the elevator(s) are busy is not fun. You are in a hurry and wish you were downstairs. Time is important!

The Solution

We know that when you store your beloved items it isn’t just important where you rent. It is also important who rents next to you. At Storage West Surprise we have a great community of renters. If you need a flatbed cart to transfer something to your unit, then just grab the cart. There is no need to go to the office, show your ID or put down a deposit to get a flatbed cart. That just creates another time consuming, energy sapping hassle while dealing with storage. Our flatbed carts are distributed throughout the site. Odds are, there is a cart right there at the entry way – waiting for you!

Ramp at Storage West Surprise with vehicle on second level near storage unitsSo, how do we “lift” your car, truck or trailer to the second floor? Check out our virtual tour! Yes, that is packed earth underneath the concrete, so bring your big loaded truck! We have four entrances to the building when you get to the second floor – so you won’t experience a bottle-neck of people moving “stuff”. You are welcome to come by and check out the ramp system that makes being on the second floor of the storage facility, feel just like the first floor!

It is just another way that Storage West Surprise ensures you are about to have a great storage experience!

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