Decided to embark on a classic (or not so classic) family road trip this summer? I have a few packing tips to assure a smooth ride for all.

No matter if you’re simply planning a long weekend to head north to cooler weather or if you are going cross country, a little planning can go a long way. You want to eliminate as much extra cost along the trip as possible without feeling as if you’ve packed your whole house.

Saving Space

2 dogs and a person's legs piled in the back seat of a carDepending on whether you’ve got several kids to tote along or if it is just you, your significant other, and the pups, can make a big impact on how much space you have to work with. When trying to conserve space and traveling for the long haul, consider packing just few changes of clothes for each family member instead of packing a different set of clothes for each day of the trip. If your destination is a family member’s home I am sure they won’t mind letting you borrow the washer and dryer when you arrive. If not, then hit up a laundromat when needed and you have the spare time. Everyone’s clothes can be done in one load without eating up too much time.


A dog smiling into the camera from the back seat of a carNext is the ice chest. Make packing water a priority. You never know when a breakdown or even an accident will occur. If your dogs are tagging along make sure there is plenty for them as well! Consider throwing some sandwich foods and veggies in if you are planning on going the scenic route or cutting down on expenses in the food department. Stock up on trail mix, different jerkies, and other family favorite dry snacks that won’t take up too much space. Plus some treats and dog food for the four legged companions.


Since we addressed making sure to bring lots of water, don’t forget to carry along a first-aid kit! You’ll want to include at the minimum some basics for everyone that will be coming along including the fur-babies. You can find helpful tips on what all to include with a simple google search. It might sound crazy to carry a blanket in your car if you are leaving the Phoenix area in the summer time, but if you are heading towards the northern States remember to throw one in.

Heading to the beach or lake for you destination? Inflatable toys like beach balls can easily be packed away. If you frequent the water then investing in a battery powered air pump and bringing your favorite lounge chairs and other inflatables along will make one less thing you’ll wish you had thought of before you hit the highway.

Last but not least are the tunes! If you have some family favorite CDs or an IPod toss it in for the journey. If you are in an unfamiliar area it will save you the headache of trying to locate a station that will play what everyone would agree to listen to and you won’t have to worry about not having a phone signal to listen to Pandora or Spotify with.

Happy travels!

-Christina Todd
Associate Manager – Storage West

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