So you needed a storage space, you decided on a size and then reserved the unit online. You got everything taken care of now, and can go back to packing boxes.

Not so fast…. the storage place is calling. Ugh! I made a reservation why do they need to call? I’ve got things to do! I’m moving. It can go to voice mail!

This scenario happens daily. You think you’ve got it all worked out and then someone calls you to tell you what you already know.

But, guess what? Sometimes there is more to that reservation then you might think and the storage manager is calling to make sure there are not any negative surprises coming soon for you!

Bloopers on TV are fun but it’s no fun if it is happening to you during your move.

Here are some “surprises” that have been encountered during the reservation process and why Storage Managers call to verify your reservation and needs.

Unit Size Too Small

Customer: I reserved the smallest unit, a 5’x5’ because I’m not storing anything big.
SM: What are you storing?
Customer: Just my queen size bed, end tables and some boxes.
SM: The queen size bed is 60” across. All storage room sizes are approximate so be aware that you might have to go to the next size larger. We also sell heavy duty mattress bags to protect your mattress during transit and while the mattress is in storage. If you are on our Here for You Guarantee plan – you can purchase it at half price!

Registration Requirements

Customer: I reserved a 10×20 to store my car for two months.
SM: Great, please be sure to bring your registration and your insurance when you come down to rent. We can only rent the storage space to the legal owner of the vehicle. It must also be insured and fully operational.
Customer: Oh, it’s my son’s car and he wrecked it last week.
SM: Unfortunately, you won’t be able to store the car.

Free Truck at Storage West

Free Move In Truck

Customer: I reserved a 10’x15’ space.
SM: It looks like you are arriving on Wednesday, correct?
Customer: Yes.
SM: Are your things here in the local area?
Customer: Yes
SM: We have a Free Move in Truck, it is called the DOT for short or Drive Our Truck program. If you rent the 10’x15’ and are on our Here For You Program the first 60 miles are free.
Customer: Wow, I didn’t know that. That will save me money on renting a truck!

Unit Location Matters

Customer: I reserved a 10’ x 20’ with air conditioning.
SM: Sounds like you’re bringing a complete household of items to storage. You can usually get the contents of a 1,200 square foot home in that size space.
Customer: Well the mover said a 10×20 would work and that the stuff is arriving between the 13th and 18th of the month.
SM: Are you having a professional van line bring your items to storage?
Customer: Yes, we are moving to Arizona from Illinois.
SM: Ok. Let me reassign you to a different 10’x20’. The computer automatically assigns a unit but I need to make sure we have you in a location where the 18 wheeler can park close to the unit for unloading. Moving companies charge an extra fee if they have to walk more than a preset distance.

Direction Matters

Customer: I reserved a 10×10 with drive up access for my business.
SM: Will you be visiting daily?
Customer: Yes, I am a handyman so I will pick up materials and tools in the morning and then drop off the tools and materials at the end of the day.
SM: Let me switch you to a unit that faces the East. The computer assigned you to a unit that faces the West. You probably don’t want to be unloading into the unit at the end of the day with the sun beating on you.
Customer: Great! That will be much better when I’m tired at the end of the day and it’s over 100 degrees, at least I’ll be unloading in the shade.

Inside Unit Accessibility

Customer: I reserved a 10’ x 10’ with air conditioning to store some of my furniture while I’m in a smaller home temporarily. I want to store my ATV too – is that an 8’ wide door on that unit?
SM: Yes, you can store the ATV but the challenge might be in the hallway. The hallway is about 5’ wide and there are some corners to turn plus the entrance to the hallway is larger than a standard house door but might not accommodate the ATV. Let’s check on the width of your ATV and consider a drive up space for it instead.

Trailer and RV Considerations

Customer: I reserved a 9’ x 20’ space for my 20’ trailer.
Storage manager: Does that include the 3’ 5” tongue?
Customer: No, the trailer is 20’ before you add the tongue.
Storage manager: You will need to get a 9’ x 25’ otherwise the tongue of the trailer will extend into the driveway posing a safety problem for your trailer and other customers.

Saving Money

Customer: I reserved a 5’ x 15’ space for my kayak.
Storage manager: Will you be storing anything else?
Customer: Not really, just the life jacket, paddle and a few other minor items
Storage manager: Generally Kayaks are happy stored on their stern. Our units on the second floor have fantastic ceiling heights. I have a 5’ x 5’ that is near the door, so you don’t have to turn any corners and the ceiling is high enough you can store the kayak vertically. We can save you some money with that smaller space if you’re interested.

Boxes and Packing Supplies

Customer: I reserved a 10’ x 15’ for my household stuff
SM: Do you have everything boxed up yet?
Customer: No, we are still packing.
SM: I noticed you reserved with our Here for You Guarantee. When you come down to rent you will receive 3 free moving boxes plus a roll of tape to help with the packing. You will also receive 10% off anything else we sell including the cylinder lock for the unit and you save 50% off on mattress bags and sofa covers. Just keep that in mind if you want to stop by before you buy packing supplies somewhere else.

Storage West managers are “Here For You” in more ways than you thought! Thanks for answering our pesky questions. We promise we are just looking out for you and not trying to waste your time.

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