Shoes Vs. Storage

October 16, 2019
This may not be the time to overwhelm you. But, if you are thinking about selecting a storage space, this isn’t like grabbing a T-shirt off the rack. You don’t just have to choose between Small – Medium –Large or XL. And you probably don’t already have a good idea you’re a medium. Storage shopping is more like shoe shopping for a big event. Don’t panic. There are professionals available to help you. At Storage West you’ll find the right size, style and color of “shoe”. Let Us Help You The good news is, those professionals will dispense their knowledge… Read More
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Free Truck at Storage West

I Made a Reservation – Why Are You Calling Me and Bugging Me?

July 26, 2019
So you needed a storage space, you decided on a size and then reserved the unit online. You got everything taken care of now, and can go back to packing boxes. Not so fast…. the storage place is calling. Ugh! I made a reservation why do they need to call? I’ve got things to do! I’m moving. It can go… Read More
Large Drive Up Units in a row

What Is a Storage Manager Thinking While Giving a Tour and Why Do They Ask so Many Questions?

July 5, 2019
If you’ve ever taken a tour of a self-storage facility you may be wondering, why do storage managers ask so many questions? “It’s my stuff! Quit being so nosy! Why do you even need to know?” In reality, any self-storage manager with experience is thinking: “I need to learn what is important to the customer, what might cause roadblocks and… Read More
Office and Parking lot at Storage West East Mesa

Do You Want to be a Storage Manager?

June 5, 2019
Are you interested in a self storage job and the tasks that go along with it? Or, maybe you just want to peek “behind-the-curtain” and see what it’s like being… Read More

Why Rent a Storage Space

April 10, 2019
Everyone knows why someone would rent a storage space right? There are only a few reasons, right? That is what you think! Here are just 16 reasons that people store.… Read More
Office and Parking lot at Storage West East Mesa

Getting a Job at a Storage Facility

March 1, 2019
Looking for a self-storage job and don’t know where to start? There is a lot to consider. The position of “Storage Manager” has evolved over the past 30+ years. In… Read More
auto bottom boxes stacked on a push cart

True or False: How to Decide on Your Trio

January 21, 2019
True or False: The hardest part of renting at Storage West Surprise is trying to decide which freebies to take home with you? True! Cleaning out the office and putting… Read More

True or False: Guarantee

September 5, 2018
True or False? Storage West is so confident that we will provide you a high quality storage experience, we came up with a “Guarantee” that pays you, if something goes… Read More
free move in truck at Storage West Surprise in Arizona

Free Move In Truck

August 3, 2018
Did you know that we have a free move in truck here at Storage West Surprise? Problem: You need to get everything to your storage unit and you are thinking… Read More

Packing for a Camping Trip

June 28, 2018
It is always exciting to go camping but bringing the right things is critical to having fun. Camping comes in a lot of different styles. There is the minimalist with… Read More
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