True or False: Gate Access

September 21, 2018
True or False: I can buy lunch with my smartphone, move money with it and open the security gate at Storage West Surprise? True! Just open the app on your smartphone and hit the button. Done! That was as easy as paying for lunch! The bad news is, if you forgot your smartphone, you’re going to have to go “old school”. We all know that means, parking close to the keypad, rolling down your window, allowing the air conditioning to escape your car, extending your arm, pointing your finger and pushing actual buttons on the keypad. Sorry! If you were… Read More
Storage West Surprise 2
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True or False: Guarantee

September 5, 2018
True or False? Storage West is so confident that we will provide you a high quality storage experience, we came up with a “Guarantee” that pays you, if something goes wrong! True! Where you choose to store your stuff is super important! You can’t control what happens in the unit next to yours. If your storage neighbor breaks the rules… Read More
free move in truck at Storage West Surprise in Arizona

Free Move In Truck

August 3, 2018
Did you know that we have a free move in truck here at Storage West Surprise? Problem: You need to get everything to your storage unit and you are thinking about a truck. You review your options, you can: • Make 18 trips in your car and still wonder how to get the big stuff to storage. • Borrow your… Read More

Dorm Move In Guide

July 3, 2018
Are you going to be spending your first year here in Surprise at Ottawa University and living on campus? There are probably a lot of questions you have about what… Read More

Packing for a Camping Trip

June 28, 2018
It is always exciting to go camping but bringing the right things is critical to having fun. Camping comes in a lot of different styles. There is the minimalist with… Read More
A dog smiling into the camera from the back seat of a car

Packing for a Family Road Trip

June 13, 2018
Decided to embark on a classic (or not so classic) family road trip this summer? I have a few packing tips to assure a smooth ride for all. No matter… Read More
Storage West in Surprise

Storage West Surprise – Virtual Tour

May 18, 2018
Check out the Storage West Surprise – virtual tour! This Virtual Tour will show you just what to expect at this self-storage property in Surprise, Arizona. Features Storage West Surprise… Read More
2 young boys up in a tree

Planning Summer Activities for Kids

May 7, 2018
With the school year coming to an end it can be bitter sweet. You’ll get a break from the daily stress of trying to rush everyone around, but it also… Read More
staged living room for home sale

Home Staging Tips

February 6, 2018
When it comes time to sell you might feel yourself being pulled in a million directions. There is no question that there is a lot to do just to prepare… Read More

Arizona Storage Stars

April 12, 2017
Storage West has always been a company that believes that the back bone of our company is the people that work here. Our people and the performance that they deliver… Read More

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

August 24, 2016
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is located in the central area of Phoenix approximately 3 miles from downtown.  It is a large airport serving the metropolitan area of Phoenix and the… Read More

Storage West Surprise – Facility Spotlight

May 13, 2015
Storage West Surprise is located in the northwest area of Greater Phoenix. We provide service for Sun City, Sun City West, Surprise and Sun City Grand.   We are located at… Read More
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