When the time comes for you to pack up for a move into a new home or just to take some things to storage, you will need to take special care with any fragile items. How you pack these items will determine what condition they are in when you get ready to unpack them.

First, you will want to take plenty of time packing these items. If you wait until the last minute, you will most likely end up with broken items. Pick a table in your home that you will be able to use during this packing process. There are a few packing materials you will need to safely pack your fragile items: Boxes, Packing paper, packing peanuts, tape, dish or glass dividers, bubble wrap and a marker.


When packing glassware, you should use cardboard dividers and a small box. Make sure you secure the bottom of the box with tape and line the inside with bubble wrap. You should wrap each glass in bubble wrap and place in the space provided. Make sure you reinforce protection on stemware by placing bubble wrap around the stem itself. Then, place paper or packing peanuts all around the glass to help prevent it from moving during transit. When full, place a piece of bubble wrap on top of the box before closing. Tape the box closed. Lastly, make sure to label the box “fragile” on all sides with black marker.


When packing decorations, wrap them in bubble wrap and make sure to place them in a box lined with bubble wrap. Place the heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Then, place packing paper or peanuts in all empty spaces to prevent these items from moving around during the move. Finish with bubble wrap on top of the items inside the box before closing. Tape the top of box and mark “fragile” on all four sides of the box.
When packing oddly shaped items, wrap them in bubble wrap and tape it. Place a piece of card board on the table. Put the item on the cardboard and then a similar size piece of cardboard on top of the item. Bend the 2 pieces of cardboard to meet one another and tape that. Repeat this with all oddly shaped items and then place them in a box that has been reinforced on the bottom and lined on the inside with bubble wrap. Place the heavier items on bottom and lighter items on top. Place packing paper or peanuts in all empty areas. When box is full, place a piece of bubble wrap on the top and close it. Tape the top of the box and mark the box “fragile” on all four sides.


When packing mirrors, place an “X” in tape across the glass to help keep it from breaking during the move (this will also keep the glass in place should it get broken, preventing injury later). Wrap the mirror with bubble wrap and place the mirror between 2 similar pieces of cardboard and tape them together.


For porcelain items, you will need to cut a piece of Styrofoam to fit the top and one for the bottom. Then you will choose a box that will fit the piece along with the Styrofoam (standing up or laying down). When you get the piece inside the box, you will need to fill the box to the top and around the sides with packing peanuts. Close the box and tape the top. Label the box on the outside what is inside and whether it is standing up or lying down. If it is lying down, mark where the head is so you won’t risk breaking it when unpacking it. If you are using a moving company, you should really consider moving these items yourself as no one is going to be more careful with them than you would be.

Following the suggestions above will make the move a successful one!

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