The way you pack and store your holiday decorations is very important. When you get them out next year, how you packed will determine how many are damaged or broken. How you stored them becomes important when you need the decorations for a particular holiday. You don’t want to find you stored a bunch of other things on top of them. So let’s get started…


When the holiday is over you’ll be ready to start taking down the decorations. For the breakable ones, you will want to use bubble wrap or something similar. If you have a Christmas town you will want to take each decoration out of a centralized box. Place some kind of quilted fabric on the bottom and sides to protect the glass during storage. Then you will need to wrap each decoration in bubble like wrap and place them back in the box for next time. You will want to take the entire box and wrap it for protection. When you place your decorations in the tub or box, you want to make sure the breakables are on top and under no pressure.

If you have any decorations that are homemade with food like macaroni, you will need to place these decorations in a zip lock bag and then place the zip lock bag in a tin like holiday cookies come in. This will keep the critters away from these decorations so they may be used for years to come. Next thing we would suggest is labeling all strands of lights as you take them down, ie, lights from the mantle. You need to wrap the light strings and garland strands around spools. This will make decorating next year less time consuming. The last thing we would like to suggest is this: If you use boxes, label them with the name of the holiday and what is in the box like: “Christmas- Breakable angel decorations-very fragile”. You could instead use totes and color-code them per holiday. Our Manager Barbara uses green for Christmas, brown for Thanksgiving, pink for Easter, etc…. Her totes are see-through but she still labels them.


Now, you have all the decorations packed up and instead of placing them in your spare bedroom, try taking them to the nearest Storage West. There is state of the art security and a great community of renters because the managers at Storage West know that who you store next to is just as important as who you store with and they really are Here for you. Your decorations will be safely stored. When you start putting your totes in the storage room, place the decorations you just packed away on the bottom (if you are stacking) and the ones for the holiday just before that one on top of them and so on so that the next holiday decor you need will be right on top and easily accessible when you need them.

We hope this helps some of you. This is how Barbara personally stores her decorations and she hasn’t had a broken or damaged one in years.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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