Packing and Stowing Fragile Items

May 29, 2019
When the time comes for you to pack up for a move into a new home or just to take some things to storage, you will need to take special care with any fragile items. How you pack these items will determine what condition they are in when you get ready to unpack them. First, you will want to take plenty of time packing these items. If you wait until the last minute, you will most likely end up with broken items. Pick a table in your home that you will be able to use during this packing process. There… Read More
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How to Pack and Store Holiday Decorations

December 1, 2017
The way you pack and store your holiday decorations is very important. When you get them out next year, how you packed will determine how many are damaged or broken. How you stored them becomes important when you need the decorations for a particular holiday. You don’t want to find you stored a bunch of other things on top of… Read More
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