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green light 2Why we at Storage West Spring Valley are participating in Green Light A Vet:

Both Jackie and I have Vets in our families, on Jackie’s side we have her Grandfather who I believe was an Army motorcycle messenger in the early days of WW2 and her mother was in the Navy during the Korean War. On my side my father was in the Army Air Corps during WW2, my oldest brother was Army Green Beret during the Vietnam conflict, one of my other brothers was Army Nuclear missiles and myself as an Army Ranger.  We have in the past and do still have great respect for those who have served and are serving to assure that America remains a free country.

We would also like to thank the veteran’s families for the sacrifices they made by staying behind and taking care of their households and family while their loved ones were off serving their country in another land.

That being said, we at Storage West Spring Valley would like to say  thank you to all our Vets, men and women presently serving and all their families.  We are proud to light a green light this Veteran’s Day and to keep it on in remembrance of the sacrifices past and present to keep us free.


-Tom Trapp

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