Have you heard about the Total Solar Eclipse that is going to happen here on August 21st 2017? They have been calling it the Great American Solar Eclipse.  It will completely darken the skies from Oregon, all the way to South Carolina.  There is going to be a 70 mile stretch of land that will fall directly under the path of the Total Solar Eclipse.  They say if you are in the path of this Eclipse, you are in for a really unforgettable experience!!

Viewing Opportunities

If you don’t fall directly under the path but you still want to see, there are many ways to watch a live stream of the event instead.  NASA’s Live Stream, called “Eclipse Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA” will have live views of the Eclipse from all kinds of people around the world, 11 space air crafts, 3 NASA Air crafts, more than 50 High Altitude Balloons, Astronauts on the International Space Station, and finally, even Eclipse celebration events across the country.  There will also be commentary and presentations by different NASA Astronauts on the live feed.  Pretty neat don’t you think?!
For more information you can go to or for detailed information about the Total Solar Eclipse.

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