As a professional commercial driver, our Storage West Scottsdale Manager has operated 53 foot tankers and low bed trailers for many years. You can trust him when he says our Scottsdale on Bell Rd location is tractor trailer friendly. We have 700 units total here at Storage West Scottsdale. That includes both regular drive-up access spaces and air conditioned spaces.

Placing a Rig Safely

A lot of the time when a customer is relocating from the east coast to the west coast, it is comforting to the semi-tractor trailer operator to know they will be able to place their rig safely while completing the delivery. At a lot of storage facilities, the entrances are too small or are angled incorrectly for a semi-tractor trailer to enter. Or, the aisles may be too narrow which creates complications for the driver during the delivery.

Tractor Trailer Accessible

Here at Storage West Scottsdale, our gate entrance is 30 feet wide. During a delivery, we are able to hold the gate open so the rig can safely back through and onto the property. At the driver’s request, our Managers are there to assist the driver in backing up safely. We have had at least 2 tractor trailers at our facility at the same time, in fact.

Planning Ahead

Tractor Trailer

Storage West Scottsdale is Tractor Trailer Friendly

In some cases, if a storage facility is not tractor trailer friendly, the van lines or moving companies can charge a customer up to $800.00 for transferring their items form the semi-tractor trailer to a smaller truck. It has happened that appearances can be deceiving when looking at storage facilities online. For example, we’ve heard of one instance that a Bob Tail Semi Trailer, measuring 28 feet, trying to drive into a facility and getting hung up in the back area of the property. It was a difficult task for the driver to back up and exit the facility. The rule of thumb is to walk the area before you enter. When in doubt, stay out!

Here for You, and Your Semi Delivery

For Storage West Community Members relocating to our facility in Scottsdale, letting your movers know we are tractor trailer friendly will help relieve their stress and can save you money on your move. And don’t be afraid to put your driver in contact with us so we can help them safely navigate the property. When we work as a team you can ensure your move will go smoothly and you can check storage off your list.

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