Dog in a moving box In the several moves I have done or witnessed, there are a few keys things needed for a stress free move. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Otherwise, any other hack or tip you may learn will fall to the way side. You’ll just end up racing through your belongings without rhyme or reason. Now that that is out of the way…. The best system I have seen out there can be tedious but very rewarding.

The System

Cat in a moving box

Label each box with the room name and give them all a number. This number should then correspond to a list of items you have in the box. Keep the numbers and items in a journal, phone memo, word document or any other form of your choosing. This will help in case something got packed too early (like your hairbrush!) and when you move into your new place, boxes can easily be put in the room/area they belong. It’s the closest thing we have to copy and paste when moving.

This technique was used by my mother in-law when moving from California to Montana. She unpacked her 3 bedroom house in under 2 weeks and raved about how convenient the system is. My husband and I procrastinated when we moved from one city to another with our one bedroom apartment and did not use this method. Needless to say, we both had a few bald spots by the end of packing and took a month to unpack.

This way of packing is also really helpful if you are using movers at all. It makes it so you can give them clear and easy instructions on where to put your boxes.

The last thing to always remember when aiming for a stress free move is to ask any questions you may have to any professionals you may have help you along the way. That not only includes your movers or realtor but your storage facility managers. We do this for a living and have seen or heard a lot. Plus, if you are lucky enough to have a Storage West facility nearby, know that we are Here For You.

-Heather Hutcherson – Associate Manager, Storage West


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