Tareysa, a former Associate Manager here at Storage West Rancho Cucamonga, had a delicious Valentine’s Day idea she wanted to share. Her Great Grandmother, Grace, gave her some wise advice. She delivered this advice through a story about how she played match-maker when she was younger.

Valentine's Day Idea

Happy Valentine’s Day

Grace used to work at a small corner liquor store. She knew all the customers very well, as most were regulars. One day, one of these regulars started talking to Grace about a girl he was interested in and how he wanted to ask the girl out but didn’t know how to do it. Eventually, Grace suggested that he purchase a pie and invite the girl over for some coffee and a slice of pie. The idea worked and eventually led to a marriage!

Valentine’s Day Idea

Valentine’s Day reminded Tareysa of love and bringing everyone together and this story is part of her memory. Check out this simple pie recipe that looks delicious and perfect for sharing with loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

The recipe is for Strawberry hand pies. You know, in case you need to use a little pie and coffee to catch someone you’ve got your eye on.

Happy Valentine’s Day all! Hope you have an excellent one!

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