There are many reasons that lead people to storage facilities and the services they offer. Things like moving, storing vehicles, or emergency situations too. The Associate Manager of the Storage West facility in Rancho Cucamonga, Tareysa, has helped people with multiple different storage needs. Her first memorable experience comes from a heartbreaking personal source. One night she helped her close friend and young son leave a dangerous domestic situation as fast as possible for their safety. In order to ensure that their belongings would be taken care of, she also looked into storage space.

“My family had to band together and rent a truck over night under my name and store all her worldly belongings into storage” she said.

Tareysa helped to find additional resources for her friend to be sure she could weather this situation. One program in particular in her area stood out to her.

Friends & Helpers

Friends & Helpers is an organization that helps victims of domestic abuse. They also offer a Back to School Program that helps children affected by domestic violence by supplying them with school supplies, backpacks, and snacks. The organization went from twenty backpacks to over a thousand in just a few years.

We are thankful for organizations like Friends & helpers and proud to provide a service that can help people in situations like these.

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