Oreo cookies turned 105 years old today. Happy Birthday Oreo!

Pretty impressive huh? Even Storage West is only 39 years old this year.

In honor of Oreo’s birthday Tareysa submitted her favorite Oreo story to celebrate. It’s a cute one about she and her daughter sharing Oreos for the first time.

Hope you enjoy it!

Oreo Memory

“When my oldest was a new born I would hold her in my arms and daydream about how when she gets older we could do crafts, try new foods and experience different things. So one day I was watching an Oreo commercial and I thought, wouldn’t that be cute if we could have a moment like that? So when she was about 2 years old I went to the market to buy Oreo cookies. When we got home my daughter and I sat at the dinner table with our milk and cookies. I was showing her the different ways to eat an Oreo, so I reached out to her with an Oreo in my hand and you wouldn’t believe it but she bit me. I guess the face I gave her was very funny because she didn’t let go. Oh my goodness it hurt so bad. When I finally got my finger back she wanted to bite me again. Thank you Oreo for the yummy cookies and fun times”



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