Community Highlight – Maria Chronis: Professional Photographer

March 10, 2017
We love our Community Members. Each one of them uses our facility for a different reason. They all have their own stories. We like to share some of those stories from time to time. Recently, our Manager Catalina was able to observe one of our Community Members, Maria Chronis, in action. She visited a local photo shoot here in Rancho Cucamonga! Maria Chronis Maria Chronis is a professional photographer. She creates background scenes for romance novels. Catalina saw this wonderful set based at a home here in Rancho Cucamonga. Models arrived, and were pampered by make-up Artist Tobin MUA and hair stylists… Read More

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Happy Birthday Oreo!

March 6, 2017
Oreo cookies turned 105 years old today. Happy Birthday Oreo! Pretty impressive huh? Even Storage West is only 39 years old this year. In honor of Oreo’s birthday Tareysa submitted her favorite Oreo story to celebrate. It’s a cute one about she and her daughter sharing Oreos for the first time. Hope you enjoy it! Oreo Memory “When my oldest… Read More

A Valentine’s Day Idea – Tareysa

February 14, 2017
Tareysa, a former Associate Manager here at Storage West Rancho Cucamonga, had a delicious Valentine’s Day idea she wanted to share. Her Great Grandmother, Grace, gave her some wise advice. She delivered this advice through a story about how she played match-maker when she was younger. Grace used to work at a small corner liquor store. She knew all the… Read More

Self Storage and Domestic Violence

September 14, 2016
There are many reasons that lead people to storage facilities and the services they offer. Things like moving, storing vehicles, or emergency situations too. The Associate Manager of the Storage… Read More
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