We love our Community Members. Each one of them uses our facility for a different reason. They all have their own stories. We like to share some of those stories from time to time. Recently, our Manager Catalina was able to observe one of our Community Members, Maria Chronis, in action. She visited a local photo shoot here in Rancho Cucamonga!

Maria Chronis

Maria Chronis is a professional photographer. She creates background scenes for romance novels. Catalina saw this wonderful set based at a home here in Rancho Cucamonga. Models arrived, and were pampered by make-up Artist Tobin MUA and hair stylists – as well as costume specialists. As Catalina watched the models interacting with one another she really enjoyed how the costume artists created an illusion from medieval times. She couldn’t take her eyes off of how entertaining the action was. Everyone on set was having fun, and all the while work was getting done. Maria and her crew knew exactly what items to pull to create a magical scene for the cover of any Romance Novel. Catalina thoroughly enjoyed attending her photo shoot and was happy to be invited back. We look forward to the theme she’ll be creating next month! Here are a few photos from the event!  

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