It’s an exciting time in a parent’s life when their little one starts school. You buy the backpack, the new clothes, and the supplies. You’re so ready to send your little one off into the world of learning. You get excited to hear all about the friends they made and the new things they know. What you don’t anticipate is all the papers they bring home. That includes class work to homework to artwork they made in class. Most parents will look over the class work and then recycle it. Your child brings their homework back to school once they complete it. But what do you do with the artwork your child made for you? There are many ways to display and store the lovely creations made by your child.child's drawing with Priority Moving Magnet

The first way would be to hang them up on the fridge. Most children love this because they get to see their artwork every day. You can rotate the different pictures and projects your child make on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A Second way you can display your child’s art work is in a designated area of your home. You can hang string and then clip each piece up with a clothes pin. This is another great way for your children to always see their artwork and show it off to different friends or family. Displaying artwork reminds your child that you are excited and love the art they gave you.

After a few weeks or years in school, the amount of artwork that can come home from school can become overwhelming. After you display the art work, then what do you do with it?

Some parents want to keep these pieces to hand down to their children when they are older. The first way they can do this is by scanning each piece into the computer and creating a photo book with the date of the piece. This is a very fun way to showcase the art without taking up too much space. You could also get 3 ring binders and clear protective sleeves and places artwork into them. These ways are great for artwork that is created on regular sized letter paper. If holding onto all the artwork is not something that is for you, the next suggestion would be to pick your favorite pieces and store them in a box or 3 ring binders. Make sure you add the date on the back as well as your child’s age, that way you always remember when this was given to you.

No matter what you do with your children’s artwork, always remember they created it special with you in mind. They created this piece because they love you and wanted to show you in the best way they know how at their age.

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