Getting ready to rent a storage unit? Here’s some advice to consider from our Associate Manager Pam.

When you are looking to store your belongings in a storage facility always ask for a tour of the property and make sure you know who the Manager is, where the cameras are, and most importantly what are the access hours? Are they open holidays? Do you need an air-conditioned or a drive up unit? Many people don’t know there are at least 3 common kinds of storage units. I have listed the most common options below…

3 Common Storage Unit Types

1. Standard Drive-up access – meaning you can drive your vehicle right up to the unit and unload. Standard meaning like a garage – no air conditioning or air cooling.
2. Air-cooled units – meaning they are cooled by a swamp cooler or evaporative cooler. Some things are a must to store in an air cooled unit – like audio equipment, televisions, any electronics, also any kind of collectible, artwork, leather of any kind, clothing old and new should be stored in an air-cooled unit if you’re storing in a location where outside temperatures are not consistent.
3. Air-conditioned unit – It is essential to store photographs, some furniture and anything that might melt in an air-conditioned facility.

Some Rules to Keep in Mind

Many people don’t know that it is required that if you move or change your phone number, email address, or anything about you , you must put in a change of contact/change of address in writing within 10 days to your storage facility. It is essential. We may need to contact you in an emergency or to let you know if there is a problem with your unit. Many people don’t realize what they can and cannot store in a storage unit. Storage units are typically only used to store ordinary household goods, business items, vehicles and for no other purpose. However, keep in mind that you may not store ANY hazardous waste or toxic substances, no propane or combustibles, and no perishables such as food or beverages. Also, please no living or dead plants in the units. And PLEASE if you need to hide “FIDO” please don’t put him in a storage unit. (Believe it or not we would not stress this if someone hadn’t tried it).

Also you cannot use the storage unit for residential purpose. In other words YOU CANNOT LIVE in your unit. You cannot hang out in your unit all day, you cannot work on any vehicles or repair anything on the premises and lastly you may not operate a business out of your unit.

Hopefully you understand more of things you can store and important answers to renting a storage unit. If you have any questions, please always read your lease or anything you have to sign before you sign it. Pay your rent on time and keep communication open with your Facility Manager. Happy storing!!

Pam S.
– Associate Manager of Storage West


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