Have you ever had to move back in with your family? Whether it’s to save money or help a family member with their health, this kind of move can come with a lot of challenges! Downsizing is as stressful as the actual move can be. Here are some tips to help make the transition a bit easier on you.

  1. Decide what you absolutely need to have with you in your new living environment. Does Grandma need you to bring your toaster, couches, or all 52 pairs of shoes? Most of the time when you are living with your family they have everything you need to furnish a home already. Only bring the items you cannot live without for the time you’ll be living with them.
  2. Go through all your belongings and donate items that you have wanted to donate! This will not only clear up space, but can also help others in need. Blankets and towels can be given to an animal shelter, clothing to a homeless shelter, and toys to children who may not have any.
  3. Find a storage facility to store your biggest items. Look for a facility that is close to where you are going to be living. This helps relieve some stress because if you ever need anything from your unit, you are close by. Sometimes you don’t know you need an item until a specific event or time of year. Also, decide if an Air Conditioned storage unit is the right fit for you or if a drive-up unit would be best. If cost is a factor, do you research and many times you can find a great deal for the time you need to store.
  4. When it comes time to pack, make sure you label everything. This will make it easier to find items in storage but also will make the unpacking process easier. You will know exactly which boxes go where when you get to your new living environment.
  5. My last bit of advice is to not sweat the small stuff when moving in with family. The transition is hard on everyone and adjusting to a new home or roommate can be difficult. Take the time to remember that you are helping each other out, and breathe.

-Ashley Spiker
Associate Manager
Storage West

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