What Do You Do with Children’s Artwork?

July 30, 2019
It’s an exciting time in a parent’s life when their little one starts school. You buy the backpack, the new clothes, and the supplies. You’re so ready to send your little one off into the world of learning. You get excited to hear all about the friends they made and the new things they know. What you don’t anticipate is all the papers they bring home. That includes class work to homework to artwork they made in class. Most parents will look over the class work and then recycle it. Your child brings their homework back to school once they… Read More
child's drawing with Priority Moving Magnet
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Important Things to Know When Renting a Storage Unit

April 26, 2019
Getting ready to rent a storage unit? Here’s some advice to consider from our Associate Manager Pam. When you are looking to store your belongings in a storage facility always ask for a tour of the property and make sure you know who the Manager is, where the cameras are, and most importantly what are the access hours? Are they… Read More

How Storage West is Different than Most Storage Companies

December 31, 2018
The reason I think Storage West is different than other storage companies is because not only do we care about our Community Members, we care who stores next to them as well. That is why we don’t offer a $1 move-in special because it might open us open to some security problems. The Difference is Clear We offer a clean… Read More

Choosing Self-Storage in Phoenix

February 21, 2017
Every day there is another storage facility built or new units added to an existing one. Every day more and more households are renting a self-storage unit for themselves.  They… Read More
indoor self storage

Top 10 Reasons You Need Storage in Phoenix

February 17, 2017
The latest statistics indicate that nearly 1 out 10 American households currently rent a self-storage unit.  While that might explain the fact that there are currently over 2 billion square… Read More
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