I remember the first time I had to move with my two large fur babies Jack & Roxy. I was so worried about how they would handle the stress of the move. Roxy always got car sick, while Jack was very mobile and could never sit still. The stress of moving was bad enough for me, so how would my pets react? If you’re in this situation check out my tips for how to move with pets!

Planning out the Move
Jack and Roxy (2 dogs) sitting on a brown couch looking at the camera

I realized to reduce their stress as well as mine; I was going to have to plan their move accordingly. My first goal was to find a new veterinarian where I was moving. I checked recent reviews for local veterinarians to help me figure out who would work out best for us. Once I found one suitable, I contacted their old vet and asked for their records to be transferred over. I asked our vet for any suggestions on how to handle their move. He suggested introducing them to our new home before the move. This would help them familiarize with their new territory. Lucky for me I wasn’t moving out of state, so I was able to do this with Jack. Since Roxy gets car sick I decided it was best to wait until the move.

My 2nd goal was to pack all of their belongings and first aid kit in a duffel bag. I would need easy access to their food and toys once we arrived at our new home.

When our moving day came, I kept my dogs in the back yard the whole time. I highly suggest keeping your pets in separate quarters during the move until the very end. The less stress, the better it was for all of us. When it came time to go, I put their duffle bag in the trunk and kept my pups in the back seat. I played some soft music, which seemed to keep them calm for the most part. Roxy was fine and didn’t get sick. Once there, I let the two of them check everything out for themselves. They enjoyed investigating and had fun finding new spaces to play. It didn’t take long for them to get used to their new living quarters and make it their own.

-Trina Van Alstine
Storage West – Orange County – Senior Manager

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