Planning to store some items here in Murrieta but you aren’t sure what isn’t allowed? Check out this list!

Some of these items are pretty obvious. You might not have realized all of them though.


While pharmaceuticals are fine to store in a storage container if you are a pharmaceutical representative, illegal drugs of any kind are not. No illegal narcotics.

Stolen Items

That should be common sense right? Definitely keep this in mind. You can’t keep items in your self-storage unit if you don’t legally own them or if you don’t have the explicit permission of their true owner.

Combustible and Corrosive Items

We prohibit the storage of propane, gas, grease, oil, and any other flammable items. You also can’t store fertilizers, cleaners, or paint. You should keep acid and any other toxic materials out of the units as well.

Hazardous and Radioactive Materials

Prohibited hazardous and radioactive materials include asbestos, fertilizers, biological waste, and anything that could cause damage or illness.

Perishable Items

We do not allow perishable items in our self-storage units. These items can easily attract rats, mice, roaches, and other bugs that can cause damage to the property in your unit and other units within the facility. Not to mention, perishable items eventually rot and can leave an ominous odor.

Live Animals

Leaving a live animal in a self-storage unit is not only against the public storage restrictions, but it is against the law.


We recommend that you do not store any items that have high value for you. Value is measured differently for different people. The security of the whole storage facility can be exceptional but if you have a one of a kind item that can’t be replaced, you might want to reconsider storing it. Always keep your valuables safe with you.

If you are trying to figure out what you shouldn’t put in your unit refer to your storage lease. Or, if you have second doubts about an item, its probably best to keep it at home.

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