Are you making the most of your basement? Check out these ideas!

1. Lighting

Lighting is a key factor is making your basement an inviting spot. Picking the right lighting is essential. Plan before placing your lighting, so you have sufficient outlets installed facing light to where it would hit close up walls and ceilings to paint or wallpaper. You’ll want to illuminate tasks. If you are looking to save money use table lamps and floor lamps to banish shadows in corners and provide task lighting beside chairs and sofas.

2. Build in Storage

Often we utilize the basement for everything from garden equipment, holiday decorations, gym equipment to out-of-season clothes. Consider planning a well-designed storage atmosphere. Consider double-decker shelving. It can be used to store cleaning supplies and or paint, and you can add hooks to hang items such as extension cords and gardening supplies. Think of your stairwell as an extension of your basement. If there’s room, add a couple floating shelves.

3. Add Windows or Glass Sliding Doors

It might be a messy or costly job but consider adding or enlarging basement windows and or adding exterior doors. The add-on of either windows or glass doors will result in natural light and ventilation which will significantly increase your enjoyment of this living space.

4. Finish Basement Ceilings

One of the fastest and most economical ways to finish a basement ceiling is to paint everything. The drop ceiling is one of the most common ceiling options. Heavy-duty fabric is another option when obstacles extend below joists. You can use a staple gun to stretch fabric across joists, or allow it to droop for a pillow effect. Cost is dependent on what type of fishing you might go for. Your options are widely open from simplistic to elegant.

5. Flooring

Because the floor of your basement is below grade and the lowest surface within your house, it requires special considerations before flooring can be installed. One of the simplest and least expensive options for finishing a basement concrete slab is to paint or stain the slab. You might also consider vinyl flooring. Resilient vinyl flooring is durable, moisture-proof, and maintenance-free. The key to successful basement flooring installations is to ensure that the basement is dry and that there is a smooth, flat surface for the new material.

6. Make a Rec Room

Basements can be ideal for casual social activities for the whole family, and or friends. Make this space inviting by finishing and decorating it like any upstairs room. It’s the perfect spot for the big screen TV, board games, pool table, and craft supplies. Don’t forget comfortable furnishings that can be easily rearranged. Incorporate sound systems, internet connections, and good lighting to make the basement design functional.

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