Going as far as being detailed and organized might help making moving day go a lot smoother and faster. Doing a thorough walk-through of your house and noting the order in which items will be loaded on the van itself to load it efficiently.

1: Draw up a floor plan for the moving truck
2: Pack everything for easy loading
3: Be prepared with high-quality packing materials
4: Wrap anything that is easily damaged
5: Pack your moving van methodically
6: Have a clear path from your property to your moving van
7: Protect yourself with proper lifting techniques

1: Draw Up a Floor Plan for the Moving Van

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Packing and moving supplies for all your needs

Planning ahead before you start lifting can benefit your time and protect yourself. You want to stay away from throwing things in only to realize that it won’t fit. Or, worse still, try to figure out where to place your grandfather’s clock while you’re loading it on the van! Packing boxes might seem easy, but measuring large items ahead of time and drawing out a floor plan might prevent major headaches. Your nightstand might seem little and easy way in the back corner until you lean it against the van and realize it was 3 more inches than you realized. Borrowing your children’s markers for a simple drawn out floor plan might have seemed pointless a few nights before but not on the day the moving van arrives.

2: Pack Everything for Easy Loading

The best effective way to pack a moving van is to pack everything properly before you start lifting. Take your time. You might only regret throwing bags and or boxes left and right once you realize you still have larger belongings to reach your destination with only that same van. Speaking of bags; this brings up a great point. Instead of struggling with individual items and bags, you can just unload boxes for easy stacking at the storage facility. Packing your belongings properly, carefully into appropriately sized boxes that are clearly labelled can be timely done.

3: High-Quality Packing Materials can be life saving

This high quality packing materials tip may be the most important. Proper packing material will make your job infinitely easier. Plus, they make the journey from home into storage so much safer for your items. Heading to a dollar store might ring you up with 25 boxes at $25 plus tax. That might have you feeling as if you have saved money. In reality you have probably just bought boxes that will only allow you to load so much before feeling like it will all come tumbling out. Be sure to save yourself the trouble and invest in high quality materials. Making a list of packing material before heading out to shop might prevent you from making multiple trips too!

4: Wrap anything that is Easily Damaged

It is recommended to wrap everything that is not ready packed in a box or storage container that could be damaged during transit, such as artwork, fridges, electronics and or couches. Wrapping effectively might prevent damage to your personal belongings. Plastic wrap is a great way to protect against scratching, dust or tearing on most of your items. Just make sure you never place packing wrap directly on sensitive materials like wood, leather or canvas. A safe tip is to insert some type of sheets around the material first and then apply the wrap.

5: Pack Your Moving Van Methodically

Packing Methodically. Follow these tips for proper packing:
• Designate at least one person to making sure that the floor plan is being followed
• Load from back to front
• With heavy items at the bottom stack all the way to the top wherever possible
• Pack items as tightly as possible
• Any large or bulky items (like beds, furniture, and mattresses) should be placed at the back of the truck first, and along the walls.
Fragile items (like artwork or mirrors) should be placed behind mattresses for extra protection
• Fragile items should be loaded last, and clearly marked ‘Fragile’
• Once all the large items are packed, place loose and light-weight items in any gaps. Rugs and blankets are perfect for filling empty areas.

6: Clear a Path from Your Property to Your Moving Van

Make sure you have a clear and easy path from your front door to the van. Having obstacles in your way is not only dangerous; it also means that actually loading the van will take longer. It might not seem like a big deal until you find yourself struggling to make a clear path especially with bigger items.

7: Protect Yourself with Proper Lifting Techniques

Protecting your items and packing as efficiently as possible is important, but the most important thing is making sure that no one gets hurt during loading and transit. You need to use proper lifting techniques, or you can cause yourself severe and lifelong damage.

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