Packing and Storing Fragile Items

May 28, 2019
Moving is a lot of work. Being able to plan ahead and having a game plan might help the process of a stressful move. Packing requires the right materials and significant attention to detail. A key point is to keep your fragile items in pristine condition throughout the entire move. Moving might not be a fun activity but making sure all your items make it in one whole piece might be a rewarding challenge.  The Packing Material you Choose will Matter Using the right packaging material is the first step to ensure your valuables are kept safe during transport and/or… Read More

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Making the Most of your Basement Space

February 6, 2019
Are you making the most of your basement? Check out these ideas! 1. Lighting Lighting is a key factor is making your basement an inviting spot. Picking the right lighting is essential. Plan before placing your lighting, so you have sufficient outlets installed facing light to where it would hit close up walls and ceilings to paint or wallpaper. You’ll… Read More

What Can Not be Stored in a Storage Unit

April 26, 2018
Planning to store some items here in Murrieta but you aren’t sure what isn’t allowed? Check out this list! Some of these items are pretty obvious. You might not have realized all of them though. Drugs While pharmaceuticals are fine to store in a storage container if you are a pharmaceutical representative, illegal drugs of any kind are not. No… Read More
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