We asked our Managers for some stories that exemplify our Here for You motto here at Storage West. Our Murrieta Manager Jorge sent this one is. We really do have the best Managers working with us here. Thanks so much for sharing this with us Jorge.

Here for You – At the Post Office

“So this story might be a bit random, but I wanted to show that the “Here for you” mentality was instilled in me long before being employed by Storage West. So it’s something that I really appreciate that our company is doing.

While I was at the post office dropping off some letters that were going out to customers I overheard a very confused conversation from a post office employee and a customer. The employee sounded very frustrated and was speaking in English and the customer was nervously trying her hardest to understand what the employee was saying, but her English was very limited. That and she had her two young children in her arms one asleep and the other crying. I dropped the letters off and approached the woman with the two children.

Recalling conversations that my wife and I joke about her being in mama bear mode when her and my children are out in public. So trying my hardest not to activate the woman’s mama bear mode I approached her and asked if she spoke Spanish. She sounded relieved and said yes. Then, the post office employee turned to me and said can you explain to her that she needs to take this box to another parcel delivery service. I explained to the woman and told her that I was actually going there myself if she would like to follow me I could show her exactly where it was. She said yes and I picked up the box for her and carried it to her car as her hands were full with her kids.

I showed her which car I was in and told her that I’d wait for her there until she was ready to go. When we arrived at the parcel delivery service office I told her that I would take the box in for her and bring her the receipt as both her children were now sleeping in her car. This is a method my wife and I use when going out for groceries. I’d rather leave the car running with the AC on and have her wait there with them then risk waking one of the little ones up because then its game over.

I brought the receipt back to her and she handed me a chocolate candy bar. I was a bit confused and asked “What’s this?” She smiled and said that she wanted to give me something to repay my kindness. It made me really happy to help her out and I explained that I did it because I’ve seen my wife struggle with my kids and it’s one of the hardest jobs in the world and your bosses, or kids as some call them, never give you any time off. Though it is rewarding and children are a huge blessing there are times that I wish I could be there more to help her out during the more difficult times when the kids won’t settle down or when they’re sick. So this was my way to help someone in need.

She smiled and thanked me and said that she can’t wait to tell her husband. I told her that I couldn’t wait to eat the candy bar and she started laughing uncontrollably.

By the way, that candy bar tasted great!

Moral of the story: Do kind things, get candy bars!”

-Jorge Silva


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