So, here it is the beginning of November. Halloween has come and past and it’s time to say goodbye to our Halloween décor until next year. I am going to give some tips on how to store your treasured pieces safely.Halloween decorations

The first thing I would recommend for any item you are storing is finding yourself a nice decent size plastic container. You can pretty much find them anywhere, but Walmart has them pretty cheap. I like to make it fun and buy the colors matching the holiday; for example black or orange would be perfect to store your Halloween décor. The reason I suggest a larger size container is because you can add to it with every new piece without having to worry about buying another container right away. So, don’t worry if it isn’t all the way full yet. This will save you time next year when you inevitably get more decorations.

Once you have your container picked out, it’s time to gather all your items up and figure out what needs to be stored first. I suggest placing the heavier/bigger items toward the bottom of the container. This way you don’t have to worry about those items crushing the more fragile items. Anything that needs to be wrapped up, come on by to any Storage West location and grab a roll of bubble wrap. This will give your fragile items the protection they need while being stored. Last but not least, make sure you remove any candles or batteries from your Halloween decorations. If you’re storing in a garage or anywhere that is outside, you will be thanking me come summer time. Wrap up any of your lights and place them on the top of everything else.

Once you have completed the packing process and everything is secure, it’s time to place the top on. The tops of your container should snap right on leaving your items protected from the outside elements. I always choose to write what I am storing on that container leaving no confusion.

Until next year!

-Cassondra Eriksen
Storage West – Associate Manager

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