Fall, it seems to be everyone’s favorite time of year. It marks the beginning of cooler weather, pumpkin spice, the holidays, and of course, flu season. The flu is EVERYWHERE and it always seems like no matter how hard you try, sometimes you just can’t avoid it. Here are a few tips and tricks that will hopefully help you and your loved ones avoid the flu this beautiful autumn season.

Tip number 1:

ALWAYS wash your hands. It may seem silly or redundant to hear this one, but it really is the most important. Most folks just don’t think about all the times they might need to wash their hands. After being in public, grocery shopping for example or at your doctor’s office, it’s important to wash your hands if you’ve come in contact with an item or surface that another person may have already touched. And just as important as timing, our method might also need a little sprucing up. It is crucial to remember to use warm running water, the right amount of soap, and a good 20 seconds of lathering. Follow up with a clean or disposable towel, and if you’re using a public restroom, use your elbow or a clean disposable towel to get that dirty door open.

Tip number 2:

Get plenty of exercise. Don’t wait for New Years to set those good habit goals. With the weather cooling down it’s now the perfect time to start a routine morning jog or visit to the gym. When our bodies are in peak physical condition they are better able to fight off illness. Just be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any rigorous training routines. And if you do end up getting the flu, you might want to take time off from the gym while you recover!

Tip number 3:

Clean up that work space. If you share your work space with other people on a daily basis it is always a good idea to keep some sanitizing wipes readily available. That way when it’s your turn to use the work space you can give the area a quick wipe down to get rid of any nasty germs left behind by the person before you.

Tip number 4:

Our last one here, but it’s a good one. Bring your own pen. Lots of people don’t think twice about picking up a pen while they’re at the bank or post office. Pen users beware! Chances are there have been a number of people that used that pen before you did, and with the flu going around, the odds are just too risky. If you have your own pen ready you can take all of that out of the equation.

Hopefully you’ve found this article helpful and are better able to avoid the nasty bugs going around this year. Just remember, if you do fall victim to those nasty germs, consider staying home while you recover whenever possible. This helps prevent the spread of germs to other folks as well.

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