We recently asked our Managers for some examples of how our “Here for You” tagline has come into action out at their locations. Our Managers have been sending in great Here for You stories they wanted to share. This one is from Bruce. He’s one of our Associate Managers here at Storage West Lake Forest. You just got to love how simple being “here” for our Community Members can truly be sometimes

Here for You – You Can Do That?

“Not long ago we had a tenant lose her home and had to place all of her belongings into storage. She has multiple units and was consistently late with her payments and was accruing late fees month after month. A while ago she came in to pay for all three units along with the late fees. She mentioned that she wished she could get her social security check sooner in the month in order to pay her storage on time and avoid paying these fees all the time.

I made a simple suggestion on adjusting her due date. Her response was, in shock, “you can do that?” I replied “of course, what due date would you like?” We sat together and figured a due date that was going to work best for her. We moved her due date and she has never been late since.”

-Bruce Snyder

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