Here for You – You Can Do That?

August 22, 2017
We recently asked our Managers for some examples of how our “Here for You” tagline has come into action out at their locations. Our Managers have been sending in great Here for You stories they wanted to share. This one is from Bruce. He’s one of our Associate Managers here at Storage West Lake Forest. You just got to love how simple being “here” for our Community Members can truly be sometimes Here for You – You Can Do That? “Not long ago we had a tenant lose her home and had to place all of her belongings into storage.… Read More
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Associate Manager of the Year – Orange County

June 19, 2017
Storage West has always believed that the back bone of our company is the excellent people that work here day in and day out. We can always count on our team for a top notch performance. They are responsible for the unique and successful company that is Storage West. We definitely could not be where we are without them. That’s… Read More

Self Storage and Trauma

May 16, 2017
There are many reasons that lead people to storage facilities and the services they offer. Things like moving, storing vehicles, or emergency situations are just a few. Over the years we have helped people with all kinds of different storage needs. Sometimes the need for storage arises from heartbreaking situations. Domestic violence, a death in the family or tragedies like… Read More

Storage West Lake Forest Facility Spotlight

February 8, 2015
Storage West Lake Forest is conveniently located a half mile east of the new Baker Ranch Community, one mile South of the 241 toll road and near the main streets… Read More
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