Something pretty cool happened here at the Katy Texas facility recently…

At Storage West we always talk highly about, maybe even brag about our community. That community covers our local communities, like here in Katy, Texas. It also includes our community of renters. We know that each renter here has a story. They are not just a culmination of their stuff. They aren’t just a number on a door or a contract signed on a certain date. Everybody has their own story and we take that seriously. In addition to that community of renters we also have a strong community of employees here too. That’s the community we want to focus on today.

It’s not typical that a company as large as ours can maintain such strong bonds between our colleagues despite some of us living more than 1,500 miles away from each other. We do a lot to foster relationships here though. Our yearly conference is a big part of that. Sometimes our Facility Managers take it upon themselves to visit each other too.

That’s what happened here recently. Our Escondido Facility Managers Tim and Jenny recently used some vacation time to take a road trip. Tim loves to drive. Jenny was kind enough to send us several pictures of their adventures. They stopped off in Tombstone, Arizona and many other places during their journey. They also made a point to stop here! Tim and Jenny made a special stop in Katy to visit with our Facility Manager Aimee. How wonderful is that?

This isn’t the first time Tim and Jenny have made appearances at other Storage West locations across the Southwest. In 2016 they visited our Russell Road location in Las Vegas, and in 2015 they visited our Eastern facility.

It sure is nice being part of a community of employees that care enough about each other they’ll go so far as to visit while on vacation!

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